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  • Adana City

    Adana Ruin Adana was established on a land in Cukurova delta which is very abundant for agriculture area. It is the fifth biggest city of Turkey after Istanbul , Izmir , Bursa and Ankara on a population based compare. It has the advantage of being the industrial and trade center of Mediterranean region. It has a big affect on the country economy as it has a very large of capital investment. Being in a fertile land made this city a very important central location which goes back up to Hitt
  • Adiyaman City Travel

    Adiyaman Nemrut Mountain Adiyaman which is located in south-east part of Turkey and a very fast growing city in the country. It was named "Hisn-i Mansur" in arabic language (Castle of Mansur) back until 1926. The city was then renamed to Adi-yaman. This city is almost a fuly industrial place , besides this because of the adventage that Ataturk barrage gives the area this city then became more rich in articulture and more festile. There are ruins which goes back to be belong to very long time
  • Afyonkarahisar City

    Afyon CityAfyonkarahisar or Afyon located in Aegean region is a natural curve because of it's geographically location. The roads and highways from Ankara to Izmir, Istanbul to Antalya intersect in this city therefore there are many stop and rest spot on the main road of the city. It is a potentially tourism and touristic center for it's rich history background. The city was ruled by Hitities, Phrygians (Phrygia),Lydia, Ancient Rome and Byzantium and has been an important location for Se
  • Agri City Guide

    Agri CityThis page is an informative document for the City Agri in Turkey, please check our tour packages section for Agri City Tours for a selected list of trips visiting this lovely city on Eastern Region of Anatolia. Agri city is located in east Anatolia region of Turkey and is border neighbor with Erzurum, Mus, Bitlis, Kars, Igdir and Iran. Because of it's geographical locations it is one of the highest point of Turkey. Mount Ararat is the highest point of whole Turkey and this mountain gives n
  • Aksaray Travel Guide

    Aksaray Rock Aksaray is one of the center of Cappadocia which is neighbor with Nevsehir,Nigde,Kirsehir,Ankara, and Konya. For over centuries it was one of the most popular places being on the ancient silk road made it an important city as much as present. The economy of the city is based on tourism and agriculture. Aksaray was established by the king of Cappadocia Archelaos and therefore it was named Archelais. After the battle of Manzikert (Malazgirt) in 1071 the city
  • Amasya Travel

    Amasya River museum Mosques; Burmali Minare mosque, Gokmedrese mosque, Gumuslu mosque, Beyazid Pasa mosque Spa's for holiday and vacations, Terzikoy thermal spa, Gozlek spa, Hamamozu thermal spa and Ilisu spa. Borabay lake is located 65 km northeast of Tasova crater lake is a wonder of the nature, nature sports and for fishing it is a nice place. Yedi kugular birds paradise , with more than 

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