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  • Adana City

    Adana Ruin investment. Being in a fertile land made this city a very important central location which goes back up to Hittites for hundred of years. Therefore there are quite big amount of historical,cultural and touristic sides, ruins and arts are the important tourism materials of the city. Adana which has been land for various of civilizations in history is amazing with its natural beauties. There are plenty
  • Bilecik Province

    Bilecik The area had been host for many civilizations since 3,000 B.C was ruled by Ottoman Empire after being controlled by Hittites, Lydia Kingdom, Phrygia,  Ancient Romans, Byzantines and Omayyad Caliphate. Tourism potential is growing and getting popular more and more, day after day , and having a rich culture and history legacy background made this city be a member of  Europe Association of Historic Towns
  • Bingol City

    Bingol in 1945. The are takes attention for tourism by it's nature beauties though the history of city goes back until Hittites. It has the potential  for tourism with the nature suitable for winter sports, Bingol Mountains, Plateaus, Lakes, Spas & thermals springs and with the forests. Bingol Mountains in Karliova Districts have a wonderful panoramic view of sunrise from Kale Tepe. It is especially possible
  • Corum Travel Guide

    Hattusa Town resources had been made in 1834 shows that Bogazkale Hattusas area had been the capital for the biggest and earliest Hittites  civilizations had been established in Anatolia.  again the footprints, ruins and the historical artifact had been found in the neighborhood Alacahoyuk and Ortakoy shows that Corum was the center of Hittites Civilization.  Congress of Hittitology with many Professor
  • Erzincan City Guide

    Erzincan-1 city's history had began with Hittites and continued to gain importance and power during Seljuk Period  and Ottoman Empire just like many other Anatolian Turkey Cities. The city have plenty of historical ruins , arts architectures though many of them had damaged and is especially famous with it's traditional hand made
  • Gumushane City Guide

    Natural Gumushane region located on the road of Trabzon - China on historic silk road. It was named as the county of Azzi Hayyasa by Hittites , and was named Arygnopolis (city of silver) by Ancient Romans  because of the rich silver minerals and mines Gumushane has. The History of the city goes back up to 3000 B.C. It has hosted plenty of tribes, different type of ethnic group and has been a settlement place for many civilizations

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