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Agri City Guide

This page is an informative document for the City Agri in Turkey, please check our tour packages section for Agri City Tours for a selected list of trips visiting this lovely city on Eastern Region of Anatolia.
Agri city is located in east Anatolia region of Turkey and is border neighbor with Erzurum, Mus, Bitlis, Kars, Igdir and Iran. Because of it's geographical locations it is one of the highest point of Turkey.

Mount Ararat is the highest point of whole Turkey and this mountain gives name to city Agri (Mt. Ararat refered Agri in Turkish language).

Winters are very long and gets a low of snowing one of the coldest place of Turkey which sometimes gets up to -45C
in winter. City is one of the tourism center of eastern Anatolia because of it's natural beauties

Hand made stuffs of the area such as carpet,rugs, kilims, and various type of stuffs made out of wheal and rye stems are quite popular.

Places to visit in Agri
Mount Ararat: This great mountain which was a subject in many legendery stories besides it's gorgeous view is available for many sports such as skiing, mountain climbing, walking and with many more activities which makes it one of the ideal and popular places among it's competencies , It was declared as a national park in 2005 by the parliamentary approvement. Beside this Ararat mountain top climbing is hold with a huge amount of local and foreigners tourist attending by the Turkey federation of mountains.

Footprints of Noah's Ark; According to legend during the big storm the Noah's ark took shelter in Mount Araratm after the storm again according to legend its with those who survived in the ark build a village near the mountain, Exept those who were in the ark all of living were destroyed and life started again from this point. Because of the silhouette which looks like silhouette of ark in the south part of the mountain attracted many of researcher to find a ruin of footprint of the ark to make their research in this mountain.

Ishakpasa Palace, was built in the 17th century by Ishak pasha is located in the are called Dogubeyazit in present.

Meteor hole, between Gurbulak border gate and Sancavuz village is 35 mt around 65 meters deep hole is the second biggest meteor hole on earth.

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