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Afyonkarahisar City

Afyonkarahisar or Afyon located in Aegean region is a natural curve because of it's geographically location. The roads and highways from Ankara to Izmir, Istanbul to Antalya intersect in this city therefore there are many stop and rest spot on the main road of the city.

It is a potentially tourism and touristic center for it's rich history background. The city was ruled by Hitities, Phrygians (Phrygia),Lydia, Ancient Rome and Byzantium and has been an important location for Seljuks and Ottoman Empire.

It is possible to see the footprints of the history and the works of the architectural structure in our present days.
Ataturk planned the great victory in 1922 that took place in Dumlupinar this plan was made in the building which is being served as Afyon Victory Museum in present. The historic pictures , guns & weapons and the other stuffs from this battle are being displayed in this museum.

The city is famous with it's spas, healing waters / springs, natural beauties and with it's rich local kitchen. The city was named after the plant "opium" which grows a lot in this area.

Once we mention about Afyon we would be thinking of Turkish delight which is special for the area and other sweet and tasty foods of the city.

Places to visit in Afyon, Afyonkarahisar
Museums: archaeology museum (on Konya highway), Victory Museum (historic national park administration) and Bolvadin museum.

Afyon fairy chimneys, in the village Kiyir of Ihsaniye province, Ayazini town and around other small villages surrondered by the Afyon fairy chimneys valleys which are woth to see.

Frig valley, Ruins of Ihsaniye, Metropolis ruins, Dinar Geleneia-Apameia ruins, Amorium Emirdag ruins.

Castle of Afyonkarahisar is 226 meters high and is a stone that has a speciality of being volcanic, this castle's history goes back until Hitities. This highlight architectural structure of Afyon is kwown as to be one of the famous hot spots as it still has the footprints of the many civilizations from a long time ago. There are several more castles around the city counted as historic places.

Beside these castles there are many more touristic areas in the city such as museums, caravansary, mosque and the big hill monument.

Afyon city is most famous with it's hot spa and thermal springs.

Bolvadin (kirkgoz) bridge; This bridge is on the historic silk road 200 meteres long on the Akarcar of Bolvadin province, The south part of the bridge was constructed by the I. Manuel Commen and the north part was than added by architect Sinan to make it longer than it's origin.

There are several main caves in Afyon considered as famous such as, Kurtini, Bozluk, Sucikan and Dipevler caves.

Afyon's spa , Afyon is labelled as the future thermal capital of the country, the health tourism is quite popular.
These are the main spa's and thermals of Afyon: Gazlibol thermal tourism center, Heybeli spa tourism center, Omer-Gecek tourism center.

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