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Amasya is a Black Sea city located in Black Sea, with its gorgeous houses along the shore, delicious apple and the famous legend of Ferhat and Sirin. According to geographer Strabon who was born and died in this town, the name of the city came from the Amozon's queen Amasis.

Being on the high side of the valley gave a strategic benefit to  this town to protect and defend itselfs from the attackers. This town was host for many civilizations along the history since the Hitities.From the Pontus king to the King Strabon many of kings, artists, architects, thinker scientists and poet were grown in this city for ages.  A big amount of Ottoman Empire's Sultans took education in the schools in this town and became a governer. The first steps of the Victory Battle were made in this city once again.

Historical , cultural and natural beauties are protected very well, antique mansions, mosque's , caravansaries, schools and castles are all around the city. Green river (Yesilirmak) goes along the shore, while the houses along the shore goes back up to 200 years ago are the symbols of the city.  Those mansions built on the historic city walls  special to Ottoman architecture presents a view of becoming one with the cultural characteristics  and the history of Amasya. Once again another symbol of the city is the 13 stone graves of the kings on the north part of the valley with a history of 2300 years ago.

Carpet , Kilims weaving , Semaver (Tea-pot) manufacturing, iron, woods and weaving sheets are widespreaded while it also helps the economy of the area.

Places to see in Amasya
Amasya Castle, on the mountain Harsena establashed on high and sharp rock cliffs are the castles used as to defend the town.
King stone graves and female's palace, There are 18 stone graves inside the valley considered to be belong to king Pontus , those 5 graves digged in the cliffs are connected with the stairs to each other on the Amasya castle.

Hazeranlar mansion, is the mansion which presents the civil architect's features is on the city wall from the roman time. It also includes a small art gallery with the ethnography museum.

Aynali Magara (Mirror cave) the caves from the the Hellenistic period and the frescoes from the  Byzantine time.

Ferhat water way, those rocks digged on the mountains and the water was taken from mountains to the ancient Amasya city, the name comes from the legend story of Ferhat and Sirin.

Museums; Hazeranlar mansions ethnography museum, Amasya museu,Alpaslan museum

Mosques; Burmali Minare mosque, Gokmedrese mosque, Gumuslu mosque, Beyazid Pasa mosque

Spa's for holiday and vacations, Terzikoy thermal spa, Gozlek spa, Hamamozu thermal spa and Ilisu spa.

Borabay lake is located 65 km northeast of Tasova crater lake is a wonder of the nature, nature sports and for fishing it is a nice place.

Yedi kugular birds paradise , with more than  34 kind of birds this place is a paradise for birds and an amazing landscape for the visitors.

Province of Amasya;
Hamamozu, Goynucek, Merzifon , Tasova, Gumushacikoy and Suluova

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