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Adiyaman which is located in south-east part of Turkey and a very fast growing city in the country. It was named "Hisn-i Mansur" in arabic language (Castle of Mansur) back until 1926. The city was then renamed to Adi-yaman.

This city is almost a fuly industrial place , besides this because of the adventage that Ataturk barrage gives the area this city then became more rich in articulture and more festile.

There are ruins which goes back to be belong to very long time c. When the specialist searched the Palanli cave they found ruins which was from 40,000 B.C. On another research which was made in Samsat specialist had found other ruins which are from the stone and the gunmetal periods. This land of civilizations were in Ottoman Empire's heritage in 1516. There are roughly 16,000 historic stuffs being displayed in Adiyaman museum which is in the center of the city.

Adiyaman has a rich various of public culture. This city whish is special for its careograpy and the local dressing is famous for its local folklor dance. Tradation hand-made arts, kilims, and carpet veawing is quite popular.

Places to visit in Adiyaman
Nemrut Mountain is being attributed as the 8th wonders of the world which is located in Kahta provience of the city. On it's 2150 mt. high hills there are several ruins from the Kommagene kingdom giant statues and the tumulus which are belong to king Anticeos.
Every year between 25-27 june Kahta international Kommagene festival is being hold in the area.
Nemrut mountain is one of the best place to see the sunrise in early morning and is in the World Heritage Site list of UNESCO since 1987.

Pirin Caves / Perre antique city is around 5 kilometers from Adiyaman. This antique city is the one which has been found the stone graves and the memorial thombs belong to Kommagene kingdom.

Palanli Cave is in 10 kilometer west of Adiyaman. This is a natural and historic cave whish had been used 40.000 B.C. Especialy those gazalle's pictures which was painted on the walls of the cave will take your attention.

Stone monuments, Mal Pinar stones, Haydaran monuments and Turus Stone graves.

Gerger castle (Fırat Arsameia), Derik castle New castle are the kwown castles in the city.

Proviences of Adiyaman;
Gerger, Samsat, Besni, Golbasi, Kahta, Tur and sincik

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