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Adana City

Adana was established on a land in Cukurova delta which is very abundant for agriculture area.

It is the fifth biggest city of Turkey after Istanbul , Izmir , Bursa and Ankara on a population based compare. It has the advantage of being the industrial and trade center of Mediterranean region. It has a big affect on the country economy as it has a very large of capital investment.

Being in a fertile land made this city a very important central location which goes back up to Hittites for hundred of years. Therefore there are quite big amount of historical,cultural and touristic sides, ruins and arts are the important tourism materials of the city.

Adana which has been land for various of civilizations in history is amazing with its natural beauties. There are plenty of places which are suitable for walking tours, vacations , nature photographing , mountain sports, camping and for hunting. Especially Lakes, Plato big green forests Camping area and the famous Toros mountains are hot spots for those nature lovers.

Places to visit in Adana;
The stone bridge (Tas kopru) is one of the oldest bridge in the world which is still being used. This bridge was built on 6. century by Justinian in Byzantine Empire period.

Great clock (Buyuk saat) this monument was built in 1882 by the governor of Adana, it was damaged during the French occopation, therefore it was restored in 1935. This clock is also a symbol of the city. There are thombs and graves of the old administrators around the clock.

Adana kettles market (Kazancilar carsisi) was built in about 1519 , the surrundrings of thie bazaar is very famous places such as, old markets , and the bazaar hamam (Turkish bath) and hotels with historical buildings.

Church of Babies (Bebekli kilise) This is an old church which was built ages ago in the city and located in Adana's center , there are very old and historic building around this church

Seyhan river
Numerous of thombs
Archeological museum, Ethnography museum, Ataturk museum and Adana museum

Historic ruins are listed as follows; Ayas Antique city, Sar ruins, Magarsos antique city, Misis antique city, Sirkeli mound, Anacarza antique city, Akoren ruins

Foods , dishes of Adana, Adana's kitchen (Yummy)
Besides these histroic and nature beauties and has a very large and rich kitcen in Turkey. Adana's local kitchen is very rich in variety and the color of the dishes that we can mainly list those; Adana kebap, biryan kebap, metaballs, deserts, salads and spicies specil for the city etc.

Adana's main counties / districts
Kozan, Seyhan, Pozanti, Feke, Ceyhan Aladag, Tufanbeyli , Yuregir, Karaisali,Yumartalik and Karatas.

Adana City descriptive introduction video

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