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Aksaray Travel Guide

Aksaray is one of the center of Cappadocia which is neighbor with Nevsehir,Nigde,Kirsehir,Ankara, and Konya.
For over centuries it was one of the most popular places being on the ancient silk road made it an important city as much as present. The economy of the city is based on tourism and agriculture.

Aksaray was established by the king of Cappadocia Archelaos and therefore it was named Archelais. After the battle of Manzikert (Malazgirt) in 1071 the city then joint the part of Anatolian seljuks dominance and the great palace which was built with the white stones especially belong to this area gave the name to this city Aksaray (Ak = white, Saray = Palace,Pavilion in Turkish language).

First christians took shelter in this area from the multi god religious Roman Empire and built villages and settled in Ihlara valley, Goreme town and Gelveri, breaking and digging into the stones which were made out of the volcanic material that came from mount Erciyes , they built houses, churches , caves and some underground cities which covers their houses.
Ihlara valley is one of the places we must see as it covers a great history, culture and art.

According to historic resources Aksaray is one of the hand made carpet center in Anatolia, the designs which are special to the area, and the natural dyes used on the fibers those made the Taspinar carpet of the area quite famous along the country.

Places to visit in Aksaray
Hasan mountain, is a volcanic mountain which can be viewed from the city and is between Aksaray and Nigde having a height of 3000 meters, This mountain is available for mountain climbing, camping, mountain bicycle riding, nature walking and winter sports . there are 3 natural ski place.

Ihlara valley, this place was built on the rocks by from the first period of the Christians, the antique churches with the fresco this valley is 14 kilometers long.

Historical churches; there are several antique churches which are available to visit at presents.
Acem mound was built in 3000 B.C is 18 km west side of Aksaray in Yesilova
Antique Nora city is in Helvadere town which has many churches as well as monasteries in it, this is an antique city from Hellenistic period.
Hamiduddin Aksarayi tomb, the thomb is inside the Ervah cemetery belongs to Somuncu Baba,an Islamic scholar lived in the 14. century
Historical mosques Egri Minare mosque , Karamanoglu mosque
Zinciriye Medresseh was built by Yahsi Bey of Karamanogullari clan is being used as a museum in our present day.

Salt lake Aksaray is between the borders of Ankara and Konya one of the biggest salt lake of Turkey , a big percentage of the salt is provided from this lake for the whole country. It is a first class natural S.I.T area and a very important broody area for many birds especially for flamingos.

Provinces of Aksaray
Agacoren, Sariyahsi, Guzelyurt, Gulagac and Ortakoy

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