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Ottoman Empire result

  • Adiyaman City Travel

    Adiyaman Nemrut Mountain specialist had found other ruins which are from the stone and the gunmetal periods. This land of civilizations were in Ottoman Empire's heritage in 1516. There are roughly 16,000 historic stuffs being displayed in Adiyaman museum which is in the center of the city. Adiyaman has a rich various of public culture. This city whish is special for its careograpy and the local dressing is famous for its local folklor
  • Afyonkarahisar City

    Afyon City by Hitities, Phrygians (Phrygia),Lydia, Ancient Rome and Byzantium and has been an important location for Seljuks and Ottoman Empire. It is possible to see the footprints of the history and the works of the architectural structure in our present days. Ataturk planned the great victory in 1922 that took place in Dumlupinar this plan was made in the building which is being served as Afyon Victory
  • Amasya Travel

    Amasya River of kings, artists, architects, thinker scientists and poet were grown in this city for ages.  A big amount of Ottoman Empire's Sultans took education in the schools in this town and became a governer. The first steps of the Victory Battle were made in this city once again. Historical , cultural and natural beauties are protected very well, antique mansions, mosque's , caravansaries, schools and castles
  • Ankara City Guide

    Ankara Ruins bath (Hamam); This old bath located in Ulus has the all specialties of classical Roman's bath, was built by the Empire Caracalla in the 3rd century for the name of medicine god  Asclepius. August temple is right next to Haci Bayram mosque in Ulus. Julian's Column; This column was built for the name of Roman's Empire Julian who visited in 362 century in Ulus. Museums; Anatolia Civilization's Museum,
  • Aydin City Aegean Coast

    Aydin Beach. Being an important settling city for many civilizations from Hitities to Lydia Kingdom, from Byzantine to Ottoman Empire has witnessed hundreds of centuries since 7,000 B.C. Therefore there are many antique cities around the area. Aydin is also a famous city which groed many philosopher , historians, artists, architects. We can mainly list them; Apollonius, Thales, Anthemius, Hekatais, Isidoros, Anaksimender,
  • Bayburt City Travel


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