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Antalya Beach result

  • Afyonkarahisar City

    Afyon City is a natural curve because of it's geographically location. The roads and highways from Ankara to Izmir, Istanbul to Antalya intersect in this city therefore there are many stop and rest spot on the main road of the city. It is a potentially tourism and touristic center for it's rich history background. The city was ruled by Hitities, Phrygians (Phrygia),Lydia, Ancient Rome and Byzantium and has
  • Antalya Mediterranean City

    Statue of Attalos II is the biggest city on the Mediterranean cost of Turkey and a tourism center of the country. This city make the visitors who came from all over the world fall in love with itself, unique bays , forests, caves, antique cities, history, cultural values, and with it's natural beauties its being
  • Aydin City Aegean Coast

    Aydin Turkey.  The beaches that gets most visitors are especially in Didim and Kusadasi  area are; Altinkum Beach, Women Sea Beach, Guvervinada Beach, Yavansu and Aslanburnu Beach, Pigale Sea Shore, Gevrek and Akbuk Beach, Guzelcamli Beach and Tavsanburnu Beach. Being an important settling city for many civilizations from Hitities to Lydia Kingdom, from Byzantine to Ottoman Empire has witnessed hundreds
  • Balikesir City Travel

    Balikesir Balikesir is neighbor with Bursa ,Canakkale,Izmir and Manisa and it is located in the Mamara and Aegean region of Turkey. This city is an important tourism center famous with it's olive trees, thermal spas and clean beaches. Serving ideal and popular places for holidays and vacations takes attention with natural beauties. Kazdagi or with it's other name Ida mountain which can be reached from Altinoluk, Zeytinli, Kizilkecili and Gure Koyu forest paths is number 3 area having the riches
  • Bartin Travel Guide

    Bartin architectural and natural beauties. Places to visit in Bartin. Wooden Bartin Houses / Mansions. Inkumu Beach, having forest on the south, and surrounded by the  sea shores of Black Sea makes this place to have different variations of climate that wonders the travelers of Bartin. Kurucasile Province, is 62 km from Bartin and people make hand-made wooden boats in Tekkeonu and Kapisuyu villages
  • Bitlis City Guide

    Bitlis Bitlis, taking attentions with the Islamic arts and castles this city is neighbor with Agri on North, Siirt on south, Mus on west and Van lake on east. Bitlis is one of the potential tourism center of eastern Anatolia with it's Mount Nemrut, Van Lake, thermal spas, mosques, caravansaries  and having an atmosphere of an open air museum. It covers more than half of Van Lake within it's border. It has a lot of natural beaches, Hotels and pensions especially on the edge of Ahlat

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