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Corum Travel Guide

Corum is in a strategical location of Turkey which connect Black Sea Region to  Central Anatolia Region, and has a rich content of history and background for having a 5 thousand years of cultural history and the rich historic legacy it contains within it's border.

The archeological resources had been made in 1834 shows that Bogazkale Hattusas area had been the capital for the biggest and earliest Hittites  civilizations had been established in Anatolia.  again the footprints, ruins and the historical artifact had been found in the neighborhood Alacahoyuk and Ortakoy shows that Corum was the center of Hittites Civilization. 

Congress of Hittitology with many Professor and Scientist attender from all over the world  is being hold in Corum once every 6 years, and is a very good way in international field to advertise Turkey.

For this matter, especially for the culture tourism it's one of the popular places that gets more visitors day by day.
The Natural beauty of the city besides it's culture beauty takes attention of visitors too.

Especially those Incesu Plateaus and  Canyons are worth to see visit places. 

Besides Corum Nuts is famous across Turkey , and handcrafts are popular all over the city too.

Places to visit in Corum
Museums;  Corum Museum, Museum of Alacahoyuk Alaca and Bogazkoy Museum Bogazkale.

There are plenty of ruins, antique cities and places with the attributes of National Park in the area, Hattusas had been discovered by French Architect Charles Texier in 1834 is in the list of World Heritage Legacy of UNESCO. and the pieces had been discovered in this area is being displayed in muses in Istanbul, Ankara and Corum,  some of the main ruins and antique cities are Hattusas Bogazkale, alacahoyuk and Ortakoy Sapinuva.

Yazlikaya Temple, There are more than 90 gods had been draw on the stones, goddes and animal figures with open air temple is one of the most magnificent holy place of Hattusa.

Mosques and Religious places; Grand Mosque, Han Mosque, Hidirlik Thumb and Mosque, Iskilip Mosque, Mecitozu Elvancelebi Zaviye Thumb and the Mosque of Osmancik Imaret, Veli pasa House and Ali Pasa Hamam.

Monuments; Iskilip Stone Graves and Lacin Stone Graves.

 Historical Corum Houses; the historical houses of  Turkish city from 19. century is in Karakecili, Devane and in Cepni districts of the city. as well as in Iskilip and Kargi.

Castles and Towers; Corum Castle, Clock tower of Corum, Castle of Iskilip, Osmancik Kandiber Castle, Castle of Hacihamza etc.

The plateaus of Bayat kunduzlu and Kuscacimeni , Iskilip Plateaus,  Plateaus of Karga and such as Catak Nature park and many other places like that are available for trekking , Horse Riding, Nature Sports  and Caravan tourism. Besides these there are also spot for Paragliding in the area

Canyon of Incesu is a wonder of natura 12.5 mt long and is located in Incesu Village of Ortakoy , the area is good for nature walking and rafting.

Provinces of Corum
Sungurlu, Alaca, Osmancik, Bayat, Ortakoy, Bogazkale, Oguzlar , Iskilip, Mecitozu, Kargi, Lacin and Ugurludag.

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