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Gumushane City Guide

Gumushane, is one of the most important and popular city of Black Sea region located on the road of Trabzon - China on historic silk road.

It was named as the county of Azzi Hayyasa by Hittites , and was named Arygnopolis (city of silver) by Ancient Romans  because of the rich silver minerals and mines Gumushane has.

The History of the city goes back up to 3000 B.C. It has hosted plenty of tribes, different type of ethnic group and has been a settlement place for many civilizations in it's history. Because of the geographical location of Gumushane it had played a strategical role in the history unfortunately it was not possible to carry the artifacts and architectural structures to our present days.

Ancient Gumushane Area still represents Ottoman Civil Architecture with it's natural landscape and view, especially Saricicek Village displays the 19th century Ottoman Style Houses.

Gumushane is a popular and beautiful tourism center with it's  plateaus,  natural park areas, antique cities, waterfalls, caves and ski centers.

There are plent of places available for trekking, mountain walking and some other tours such as Artabel Lakes, Limni Crater Lake, Taskopru (Stone Bridge) Plato, Tomara and Helgent Waterfalls, Hamsikoy and Zaigana Mountains.

Helgent and Tomara Waterfalls, Zigana Mountain Ski Center, Taskopru (Stone Bridge), Kadirga, Kazikbeli Plateaus and around provides good racecourses for paragliding and some other sports such as camping and caravan tourism.

Places to visit in Gumushane
Old Gumushane. It is the place where the city was first established around the shores of Musalla Brook.

Santa Ruins; The Antique city contains ruins from 17.Th century is 90 kilometers away from the city center.

Satala Antique City (Sadak Village); This antique city located in village of Sadak was a Latin Culture Center during Roman Age.

Historical Castles; Ganca Castle, Asut Village, Edirne Village, Kalecik / Kov, Akcakale, Krom, Kurtun, Ovundu, Keci, Gumuskaya and Gumustug / Avliyana Castles.

Mosques and Tombs; Suleymaniye Mosque, Kucuk / Little Mosque, Camur Village Tomb, Firdevs Hatun Tomb, Hasan Cagirgan Baba and Misiroglu Tombs.

Churches and Chapels; Pavrezi Chapel, Santa Cinganli Church, Alpullu Church, Santa Ishanli Church, Panaghia / Virgin Mary Monastery Church,  Arpali Village, Santa Terzili, Asagidere, Saint Pistovlu, Cinganli, Hagios Georgios Monastery, Cevrekoyu / Zimon Village, Ayvalos, Cakirkaya / Kalur, Olucak Imera Monastery and Sanata Cakalli Churches.

Historical Bridges; Tohumoglu Bridge, Sogutagil Village Bridge, Gumuskaya, Tas Kopru / Stone, Meryem Ana / Virgin Mary, Zigana Ancient Silk Road Bridge, Gumushane, Yildiz Village, Ardesa and  Kanberli Bridges.

Zigana Winter Sports Tourism Center; The ski center is located 3 kilometers away from Zigana Mountains / Zigana Tunnels.

Plato / Plateaus Tourism;  Plateaus  of Gumushane usually located on the north part  and Black Sea mountains are an important highlight and a big potential for the tourism of the city. The city nearly has 200 Plateaus and some of the most popular of these plateaus are; Zigana Plato, Kazikbeyli Plato, Taskopru, Kadirga, Kazikbeyli and Altintaslar / Kalis Plateaus.

Caves; Karaca Cave, Atlinbasi Cave, Arili Cave,  Ucbacali, Ikisu and Ardicli Caves.
Artabel Lakes Natural Park; Those lakes sometimes may also be referred as  Bes Goller Lakes, Yildiz Lakes and Karanlik Lakes are located in Gulacar Village 60 km away from the city center.

Tomara Waterfalls in the village of Seydibaba.

Orumcek Forests; These Forest area covering 500 years old Firs and Spruce Trees and the highest trees of Europe are located in Kurtun Town.

Provinces of Gumushane
Torul, Kelkit, Kose, Kurtun and Siran

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