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Bilecik Province

Bilecik,the birth place of Ottoman Empire and Ottoman Dynasty is neighbor with Kocaeli and Sakarya on north, Bolu on west, Eskisehir on south east , on with Kutahya on south.

Except for being the birth place of Ottoman Empire, took an importance role on the founding of Republic of Turkey by the victories won in this city during the Independence War of Turkey.

Located near Sakarya River this city carries the footprints of history from Antique Ages to present day. The area had been host for many civilizations since 3,000 B.C was ruled by Ottoman Empire after being controlled by Hittites, Lydia Kingdom, Phrygia,  Ancient Romans, Byzantines and Omayyad Caliphate.

Tourism potential is growing and getting popular more and more, day after day , and having a rich culture and history legacy background made this city be a member of  Europe Association of Historic Towns and Regions (E.A.H.T.R.).

Sogut Province of Bilecik took it's name by the surrendered willow trees is 30 km away from Bilecik. It is possible to see the portrait sculpture of important individual characters who took key roles in the Turkish History  in the area of Ottoman's establishing place.

Ever year there is a festival of "Commemorate Ertugrul Gazi and Willow Tree Festival" on  the second week of September which gets a lot of visitors both local and international tourists.

Kinik Village is famous for products of pots made out from clays. Osmaneli District is famous with it's civilian architect structure Especially the architecture of  Cedit and Camii Kebir Houses which are suitable for growing silkworm are worth to see.

Places to Visit in Bilecik.
Sogut Ertugrul Gazi Museum; This museum is serving the archeological and ethnographic arts of the nomadic people who used to live around  to it's visitors in a reconstructed historical Turkish house since 2001.

Metristepe Victory Monument; It was build in memory of died soldiers in Inonu Battles on the Metristepe Hill.

Inonu Military Graveyard; The graveyard 6km away from Bozuyuk hold a "commemorative ceremony of Inonu Soldiers Day" ever year 1st April

Sheik Edebali Thomb , Ertugrul Gazi Thomb.
Mihal Bey House - Tashan is located in center of Golpazan District.

Mosques; Hamidiye Mosque, Orhan Gazi Mosque, Koprulu Mehmet Pasa Mosque, Rustem Pasa and Celebi Mehmet Mosque.

Clock Tower;  The tower located in Bilecik center and having four front side was built in 1907 by II. Abdulhamit.

Abbaslik Village (Center), Kozpinar Village, Cicekliyayla & Komursu Plateau (Bozuyuk), Muratdere Village, Ataturk Pavilion, Sofular Plateau, Kursunlu Village (Bozuyuk), Kursunlu Village (Golpazari) , Yenipazar, Kayabogazi Canyoon are some of the places suitable for mountain and natural walking tours, and nature sports activities.

Provinces of Bilecik.
Yenipazar,Bozuyuk, Sogut, Golpazari, Pazaryeri, Inhisar and Osmaneli.

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