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Bingol City

Bingol, city of Turkey on the East Anatolia region is neighbor with Diyarbakir,Tunceli,Erzurum,Mus, Elazig and Erzincan.
Those civilizations controlled the area in history gave different names to the place. Firstly it was name as Cewlik, Colig and it was then renamed Capakcur in 1872 then once again it was renamed to Bingol in 1945.

The are takes attention for tourism by it's nature beauties though the history of city goes back until Hittites. It has the potential  for tourism with the nature suitable for winter sports, Bingol Mountains, Plateaus, Lakes, Spas & thermals springs and with the forests.

Bingol Mountains in Karliova Districts have a wonderful panoramic view of sunrise from Kale Tepe.
It is especially possible to catch the most splendid sunrise moments from 15 June to 15 August.

It is the second place to catch this landscape in the world after Alp Mountains.
The Ski center 25 km away from the city center is available for winter sports. The ski season starts from December and continues until March.
Besides these specialties the best honey and butter of the area is being made in Kuruca Village on Bingol-Elazig Highway and takes a lot of attention from the visitors.

Places to visit in Bingol
Yuzenada (Swimming Island);  The swimming islands (Well you did not read it wrong, it's correct the swimming islands) in Hazarsah Village of Solhan are small islands in the middle of the lake and has no connection to the ground they move randomly in the center of the lake this makes them an unusual natural event.

Bingol Ski Center is located in Yalacti.
Castles; Kigi Castle, Seritarius Castle, Kral Kizi (Dara-Hini) Castle.
Kigi Mosque; Established in 1402 by Pir Ali Bey from Akkoyun and had been repaired many times over.

Bingol thermals and spas; Kos Spa (18km from Fahran), Horhor Thermal, Cerme Spa and Dikpinar Thermal.

Caves; Kigi Ciceptepe Village Cave, Zag Cave, Kalkanli Village Cave.

Soguk Cesme Forest is located in Karliova Road 30 km from Bingol.

Provinces of Bingol.
Bingol Center, Yedisu, Genc,Solhan,Adakli,Yayladere,Karliova and Kigi

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