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Erzincan City Guide

Erzincan city's history had began with Hittites and continued to gain importance and power during Seljuk Period  and Ottoman Empire just like many other Anatolian Turkey Cities.

The city have plenty of historical ruins , arts architectures though many of them had damaged and is especially famous with it's traditional hand made art crafts and copper smithing.

Many of the bronze belongings from Urartu Era   being displayed in Anatolian Civilizations Museum Ankara had been found in the Altintepe Area of the eastern side of Erzincan.

Bolkar Mountains located 40 kilometers away from Erzincan is a popular ski center for those who arte interested in winter sports. This center is one of the longest lift of the country and the best time for the ski season is between December and April.

There are also plenty of unique fun and sports activities in the area such as; Rafting in Firat River (Karasu), Monk in  Yaylabasi Town, Paragliding in Munzur Mountain, Water Ski in Tercan Dam Lake and Goyne Dam Small Lake, swimming in  Bayirbag and Cakirman Creeks, trekking and mountain climbing in Ardicli Lake, Yedigoller and Aygir Lake, and endless alternatives for camping and other natural sports activities in Bayirbag Demirmenonu, Otlukbeti Crater Lake, Esence and in Refahiye Dumanli Forests

Jeered game on horse being played for many centuries in Anatolian Turkish culture and traditions is one of the oldest game of the area.
Background of this game in this area goes back up to 19 centuries ago, having honesty and bravery, nimbleness , mercy in the meaning of this sport game is still being played and displaying to visitors during festival or special meetings.

Places to Visit in Erzincan
Erzincan Museum.

Altintepe; It is the best preserved Urartu Antique city that comes up to our days with a history background of up to 8. century B.C is  15 km away from the city center.

Kemah Castle; Establishment goes back until Hittites and Urartu period.

Mosque Tombs; Melik Gazi Tomb , Terzibab Tomb, Hizir Abdal Sultan Tomb and Gulabibey Mosque.
Mama Hatun Complex building is located in Tercan Town and had been constructed by the daughter of  II. Izzet Mama Hatun and is consist of Hamam (Bath), Tomb  and mosque.

Abrenk Church is around Ucpinar Village in Tercan Town and was constructed in 1854.

Thermals and Spas; Boger Mineral Water is 11 km away from city center, Horhor Spa and pool are some of the other important thermals of the area.

Caves; Buz Caves Ayranpinar Village, Ala Cave Kemaliye, Koroglu Cave Refahiye.
Otukbeli Lake Natural Sit Area, Girlevek Waterfalls and Aygir Lake are some of the beautiful places worth to see in this location.

Provinces of Erzincan;
Otukbeli, Kemah, Ilic,Refahiye, Kemaliye, Cayirli, Tercan and Uzumlu

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