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Bayburt City Travel

Bayburt with a history of over 5,000 years is located on the ancient silk road on the edge of Coruh River. Bayburt was a visiting point and hot spot for world travelers such as Marco Polo, Evliye Celebi and Ibn-i Batuta.

The symbol of the city is Bayburt Castle having a 2 kilimeters of city walls around the city. This area has a rich tourism potential for having clean and environment and green nature. Kop Mountain on Bayburt-Erzurum highway is a ski sport  tourism center.

Having a strong and long winter makes this area a ski center for winter sports lovers for about 8 months in a year. Coruh River has many available racecourse for rafting and canoe. There are many beautiful recreation spots around the river except this, Alan Mountain also provides parachute racecourse for parachuting.

Bayburt city is rich in plateaus such as Soganli Plateau, Kop Mountain tourism center, Kop Mountain Plateau, Sultan,Aydintepe, Cumavank and Aydin Plateau are only some of the plateaus Bartin has.

Bartin host a festival of Dede Korkut Culture and Art  on the third week of July every year.It is possible to catch the festival by moving your holiday date on these dates.
The local kitchen of Bayburt has  very rich and tasty cuisines , Galacos, Bayburt Meatball, Kefenli Kebap are only some of these delicious local food here.

Places to visit in Bayburt
Bayburt Castle; On the north of city center the castle had been repaired many times have footprints of Byzantine, Romans, Arabic and  Komnenos dynasty.

Aydintepe Underground City, this antique city  located on North-west of Baybur in the area of Aydintepe  is assumed to be established during early christian ages.

Dede Korkut Thomb is around Masat Village.

Grand Mosque, Pulur Ferahsat Mosque.

Clock Tower, Korgan Bridge is from the era of Ottoman Empire and located in Aksar District.
Kop Mountain, Cimagil Cave, Masat Village Ice Cave.

Sirakayalar Waterfalls in Sirakayalar village.

Provinces of Bayburt

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