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  • Adana City

    Adana Ruin in Cukurova delta which is very abundant for agriculture area. It is the fifth biggest city of Turkey after Istanbul , Izmir , Bursa and Ankara on a population based compare. It has the advantage of being the industrial and trade center of Mediterranean region. It has a big affect on the country economy as it has a very large of capital investment. Being in a fertile land made this city a very important
  • Afyonkarahisar City

    Afyon City Aegean region is a natural curve because of it's geographically location. The roads and highways from Ankara to Izmir, Istanbul to Antalya intersect in this city therefore there are many stop and rest spot on the main road of the city. It is a potentially tourism and touristic center for it's rich history background. The city was ruled by Hitities, Phrygians (Phrygia),Lydia, Ancient Rome and Byzantium
  • Canakkale City

    Canakkale by Port is settled on two edges of the bridge which has it’s name and which is connecting Asia to Europe just like Istanbul.  The beginning of the city in Troy about 3000 year B.C has been ruled by Lydians, Persians, Kingdom of Pergamon, Ancient Romans, Byzantines and Ottoman Empire. Canakkale is a very special city which had hosted one of the biggest war / battle (Gallipoli  Campaign) that had cost
  • Corum Travel Guide

    Hattusa Town of World Heritage Legacy of UNESCO. and the pieces had been discovered in this area is being displayed in muses in Istanbul, Ankara and Corum,  some of the main ruins and antique cities are Hattusas Bogazkale, alacahoyuk and Ortakoy Sapinuva. Yazlikaya Temple, There are more than 90 gods had been draw on the stones, goddes and animal figures with open air temple is one of the most magnificent holy
  • Istanbul City

    Maiden Tower the city of empires and kingdoms, capital of Roma, Byzantines and Ottoman Empire, heart of the whole country  whole Turkey. Each nation who carried the center of civilizations into this city had tried to invest and try to make the best examples of cultural and artistic  reflections,
  • Kocaeli Izmit City

    Kocaeli Lake / options,  natural harbors and ports, with it's green large forests and with the clothe distance to Istanbul Metropolis and with it's growing and improving industry especially late 1960 which made the city a very important spot of Anatolia. Kefken and Kerpe on the Black Sea edge of the city are a holiday paradise with their clean and natural beaches and shores, pine tree forests and with rich

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