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Canakkale City

 Canakkale, is settled on two edges of the bridge which has it’s name and which is connecting Asia to Europe just like Istanbul. 

The beginning of the city in Troy about 3000 year B.C has been ruled by Lydians, Persians, Kingdom of Pergamon, Ancient Romans, Byzantines and Ottoman Empire.

Canakkale is a very special city which had hosted one of the biggest war / battle (Gallipoli  Campaign) that had cost thousands of died for the independence of Turkey.

Names of the city used to be called as Hellespont, Dardanelles has a great rich neighborhood within it's border for tourism and travelers  some of them can be listed as Assos, Bozcada, Saros Bay, Kucukkuyu, Gokceada and Gallipoli.

Gallipoli Peninsula where  Gallipoli Campaign took place during the World War I is a great place to see any kind of  memory that the battle left it's also worth to visit it's national parks, museums, monuments and Canakkale Martyrs' Memorial.

Saros Bay, Bozcaada and Gokceada besides their natural beauties the also contains a lot of diving spots for scuba diving lovers to discover.

These locations also available for other sports and touristic activities  Bozcaada also contains a scuba diving school.

Places to visit in Canakkale

Canakkale Museum

Sultan Castle, This splendid monument was constructed by Fatih Sultan Mehmet (The conqueror of Istanbul) in  15th Century.

Gallipoli Castle; The castle had been restored during Byzantines Time is left from Antique Age.

Watch Castle is located in city center and had been constructed in 1897.

Fatih Mosque was again built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1452.

Gallipoli Peninsula Historic National Park; The land which is in the list of United Nations Bational Park and in the list of Protected Area contains very important places such as; Chunuk Bair, Kilitbahirtas Plateau , Kaba Hill in the battle field of Anafartalar, Sebdulbahir Battle Field, Maeste Bay, Tekke Village, Ertugrul Bay, Hisarlik Hill, Zigindere, Alci Hill, Ikizler Bay, Kanli Schist, Kereviz Brook, Ari Cape, Kakma Mountain, Savla Campaign, foreigners cemetery and many more museums are only some of the places worth to see.

Troy Historic National Park; Having a very historic background that goes back thousand years ago, has been visited by Saint Paul for 2 times Troia / Troy is located in Hisarlik 30 km away from Canakkale, especially this symbolic wooden Troy Horse takes attention of the visitors.

Troy area had been ruined and restored for 9 times in it's history had been included in Cultural World Heritage of UNESCO in 1996.

Assos (Behramkale); Magnificent Athena Temple that had been built in the 6th century B.C., a great view of the gulf that can be seen here, besides these masterpieces that includes a theater and a gymnasium, it is also one of the most popular touristic spot of Canakkale here.

Bozcaada; An important tourist area of Canakkale , the transportation to this island can be made in the Ferry Dock in Geyikli Town.

Gokceada; It's quite easy to get to Gokceada by the ferries depart from Canakkale , and it is one of the most beautiful and biggest island of Turkey.

Ayazma (Ida Mountain) is a nice recration  spot area located near Bayramic Town.

Dardanos is the cemetery monument in Maltepe.

Gulpinar contains Apollon Smintheus Temple and Museum.

Altar of Zeus , the cave is also named as Zeus Cave is in Adatepe Village.

Alexanderia is in the village of Dalyan

Neanderia , the antique city has an about 3200 mt long city wall and is located in Mount Cigri.

Sestos is in the Village of Yalova.

Kestanbol Thermal Spa and tourism center.

Hadimoglu House.

Provinces of Canakkale.

Gallipoli, Yenice,Ayvacik, Lapseki,Bayramic,Gokceada,Bida, Ezine, Bozcaada, Eceabat and Can.

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