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Kocaeli Izmit City

The discovery of the first settlement of Kocaeli goes back to 8.Th Centuries B.C. was firstly established and settled by a Greece Colony named Astakos / Astakoz.  Then the city was under the rule of Roma and Byzantines one after another and finally was under the certain administration of Ottoman Empire in 1337. During the World War I. the city resist against the British and  Greek Occupation and was saved from the enemy in  1921 and had became a city in 1924.

Kocaeli located in Marmara Region of Turkey is one of the most popular and important center of Turkey with it's specific and strategical location between Asia and Europe, transportation convenience / options,  natural harbors and ports, with it's green large forests and with the clothe distance to Istanbul Metropolis and with it's growing and improving industry especially late 1960 which made the city a very important spot of Anatolia.

Kefken and Kerpe on the Black Sea edge of the city are a holiday paradise with their clean and natural beaches and shores, pine tree forests and with rich types of fishes of the area thus it is a quite popular places for those who are planning to have a vacations in Turkey.

The touristic activities and trips held in the area are quite rich, the city provides great opportunities and available racecourses for trekking, hunting, horsemanship, nature walking with horses, mountaineering, camping,  caravan and bicycle tours are available for the visitor tourist as well as, sportive fishing, scuba diving, water skiing, yachting and yacht tours /  tourism , sailing and paragliding and provides opportunities for many other sea sports.

Kartepe is a ski center for those ski lovers which is as clothe as 1 hour drive from Istanbul right after opening season in December.

Besides Sapanca Lake which is a bird paradise in the country, there are also Darica - Bayramoglu Birds Paradise and Temali Park available for  watching different kind of birds. A Zoo in the area quite rich in having different type of words which is a unique one in the world and containing other animals in it, it's tropical aquarium, plants over 250 different kinds, botanic gardens and with it's restaurants it serves chances for an educational tours and daily trip options for the visitors.

Pismaniye (Turkish Cotton Candy), Saray / Pavilion Helva, Yogurt / Yoghurt of  Kandira, Famous Karamursel Basket, world wide famous silk carpets of Hereke and Salmon Trout of Mesukiye are some of the attributes became one with Kocaeli City.

Places to visit in Kocaeli

Museums; Saatci Ali Efendi Pavilion / Ethnography Museum, Eskihisar Osman Hamdi Bey Museum, Yuzer / Swimming Museum / Gayret Ship and Golcuk Sea Museum.

Ruins and antique cities; Fatih Sultan Mehmet's Pavilion, Gultepe Necropolis Area and Uctepeler Grand Tumulus.
Mosques; Orhan Mosque in Izmit 13.Th Century, Fevziye Mosque 17.Th Century, Pertevpasa Mosque by Architect Sinan was constructed in 16.Th century in Izmit and Coban Mustafa Pasa Mosque was constructed by Architect Sinan and Architect Persian Ali in 16.Th Century.

Recreation Spots; Kuzuyayla, Masukiye, Soguksu Picnic and Recreation Area, Martyr Chorus and Basdegirmen Recreation Spot.
Thermals and Spas; Yenikoy Yazlik Spa, Masukiye Healing Spring, Soguksu Healing Spa and Sultan Suleyman Hamam.

Eskihisar Castle, Bridge of Architect Sinan, Clock Tower, Izmit Palace, Kayser Wilhelm Pavilion, Pembe / Pink Pavilion, Sirripasa Pavilion, Building of Izmit Station and Demirciler Pavilion which is a unique 19.Th century Ottoman Architecture with it's pen similarities and architecture style and again it's unique in Kocaeli.

Provinces of Kocaeli
Karamursel, Derince, Kandira, Gebce, Izmit / city center, Golcuk and Korfez.

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