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Bitlis City Guide

Bitlis, taking attentions with the Islamic arts and castles this city is neighbor with Agri on North, Siirt on south, Mus on west and Van lake on east.

Bitlis is one of the potential tourism center of eastern Anatolia with it's Mount Nemrut, Van Lake, thermal spas, mosques, caravansaries  and having an atmosphere of an open air museum.

It covers more than half of Van Lake within it's border. It has a lot of natural beaches, Hotels and pensions especially on the edge of Ahlat Province.

It provides places for fishing and water sports. Beside Van Lake Nemrut Crater Lake, Nazik, Aygir and Arin lakes provides natural beauties.

Bitlis is a popular place for winter sports as it has one of the first ski center established in Turkey.
The ski centers are inside the city center, and with the future project Nemrut Ski will make the city even a more popular place for tourism.

Nemrut being a volcanic mountain rises in the north part. it is being hold a festival for "Nemrut Volcanic Mountain Festival" between 7th and 14th of July every year.

The nature amazing mountain Nemrut within the border of Tatvan hosts a lot of visitors both local and international tourist, besides there are many racecourse for trekking in Nemrut and Suphan mountains.

Ahlat province that has history goes back long time ago is 60 km away from Bitlis city center. The Graves from Seljuks Ages, underground graveyards and tombs are some of the most important artifacts as well as many others.

 The handicraft of the area is quite popular such as carpet weaving, kilims, pottery, local textile, local hand-made shoes, are some of them.

Places to visit in Bitlis.
Ahlat Museum; Being the only one museum of the city it serves quite rich archeological and artifacts  collections.
Castles; Bitlis Castle, Tatvan Castle, Ahlat Shore Castle, Adilcevaz Shore Castle.

Mosques; Grand Mosque, Gokmeydan, Zal Pasa Mosque and Ahlat Iskender Msoque.

Bitlis spas and thermals; The city has many spa's and thermals as it is on a fault line some of them are; Ilicak Germav spa, Guroymak Cukur Thermal, Nemrut Mountain Thermal, Arap Bridge, Alemdar Thermal, Aci Su Thermal and Yilan Dirilten spa.

Provinces of Bitlis
Mutki, Ahlat, Hizan,Adilcelvaz, Guroymak and Tatvan.

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