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Balikesir City Travel

Balikesir is neighbor with Bursa ,Canakkale,Izmir and Manisa and it is located in the Mamara and Aegean region of Turkey. This city is an important tourism center famous with it's olive trees, thermal spas and clean beaches.

Serving ideal and popular places for holidays and vacations takes attention with natural beauties. Kazdagi or with it's other name Ida mountain which can be reached from Altinoluk, Zeytinli, Kizilkecili and Gure Koyu forest paths is number 3 area having the richest oxygen all over the world.
Ida mountain or Kazdagi mountain have been mentioned in many legendary stories while having fresh and clean air, natural springs, green forests and with unique landscapes.

Homer describes Ida mountain in his Iliad epic as the "Ida with 1000 springs".  According to mythology Zeus was born in Ida Mountain. The very first Ms. Beauty competition was hold in this mountain in the history and Aphrodite won this competition.
Canyon of Sahindere, Valley of Mihli River, Plateau of Tozlu, Manastir Creek, Sutuven Waterfalls, Kalkim Hanlar Area, Zeus Altar near Adatepe Village, Sarikiz Hills, Ayi Brook, Ayazma Recreation Spot are only some of the places are Mountain Ida in the list of must-see.

Being on the cost of both Marmara Sea and Aegean Sea and with the islands it has in these 2 sea makes it an important tourism area especially in summer season especially on the beaches of Altinoluk, Sarimsakli, Erdek, Sahinkaya,Avsa,Oren,Akcay,Alibey Island are some of the most popular beaches in Balikesir.

This city has not only the beauties of the nature but the available places for Mountain climbing, trekking, Scuba diving, sailing and windsurfing and jeep safari sports in many spots.

Places to visit in Balikesir;
Kazdagi / Ida Mountain National Park.
Seytan Sofrasi; This hill is surrounded by the  forests of pine trees  and rocks having a control area for the town  is located in Ayvalik and have a great landscape of Sunset and Sunrise.

Bird paradise national park; On the north-east of Manyas Lake, This is an area providing shelter and broody area for roughly about 240 kinds of birds including the  migrant ones.

Antandros Antique City is located in Edremit and Altinoluk near Mysia on the low hills of Ida Mountain.

Bandirma Archeology Museum, Balikesir Kuva-yi Milliye Museum, Gonen Mosaic Museum are some of the museums Balikesir has for it's visitors.
Zagnos Pasa Mosque, Yildizim Mosque, Church with Clock Mosque in Ayvalik, Aya Nikola Church, Taksiyarhis Church in Ayvalik are some of the highlights in Balikesir.

Tahta Kuslar Ethnography Museum is 17 km away from Edremit and the first private ethnography museum established in Turkey.

Marmara Island, Alibey Cunda Island, Belkis Castle.

Spas & Thermals; Gonen Thermals, Gure Edremit Thermals, Bostanci Entur Spas, Edremit Derman Thermals, Bigadic Hisarkoy Thermals and Kizilkoy Manyas Thermals.

Provinces of Balikesir;
Savastepe, Ayvalik, Ivrindi, Burhaniye, Erdek,Gomec, Bigadic,Kepsut, Marmara Island,Sindirgi,Havran,Balya,Edremit,Dursunbey,Bandirma,Gonen,Susurluk and Manyas.

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