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Bartin Travel Guide

Bartin  is a cute Black Sea city on the east side of Zonguldak that has the most beautiful beaches of Black Sea.
It is a city getting better and better for toursim day after day with the natural beauties, forests, historic and touristic richness it has.

Bartin's old name was Parthenios (Holly of the Water),  and the brook of Bartin had been a subject where the God Athena took shower in the creek of Bartin in the epic of Iliad. Having a yacht tour  on this river would give it's visitors the opportunity to see the city from another angle.

Bartin has a very rich old architecture therefore the wooden houses takes a lot of attentions from the visitors.  Those houses has a history of 200 years and are made of pine tree, hornbeam, oak materials and most of them  have lovely cute gardens

Bartin is one of the most attraction places for tourist visiting and a great holiday place with it's architectural and natural beauties.

Places to visit in Bartin.
Wooden Bartin Houses / Mansions.
Inkumu Beach, having forest on the south, and surrounded by the  sea shores of Black Sea makes this place to have different variations of climate that wonders the travelers of Bartin.

Kurucasile Province, is 62 km from Bartin and people make hand-made wooden boats in Tekkeonu and Kapisuyu villages of the province.

Halibey Mosque,Ibrahim Pasa Mosque.
Aya Nicholas Church was build in 1319 and was restored in 1955 now its beeing used as a cultural house in the area.

Somakli Bath (Hamam) and the City bath (Hamam).
Antique cities; Kromna, Erythinoi and Koromna antique cities are from the antique city age within the border of Bartin.

Gurcuoluk Cave with it's colorful drop-shaped precious stones is 32 km away from Bartin in Karakac Village of Amasra.

Global Mountains National Park is available for jogging.
Aksucay Waterfalls.

Provinces of Bartin.

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