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Turkey Guided Tours – Yalova City Travel

Yalova is a city on the south east part of Marmara Region of Turkey. The city is neighbor with Kocaeli on east, Marmara Sea on west, Bursa and Gemlik Bay on south. The city having a 600 years of history was ruled by the following empires and kingdoms in this long history; Bithynia , Ancient Rome, Byzantine, Seljuks and Ottoman Empire.
Yalova was a district of Bursa and Kocaeli after the declaration of republic of Turkey, and was turned into a district of Istanbul in 1929.  and was turned into a city in 1995.

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Since the first Era of the city, the works for digging the healing springs and spas in the area has become a great reason for city to be known and popular all over Turkey. The beautiful beaches , shores and the natural beauties are some other factors that makes the city an important one.

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Erikli Waterfalls, Sudusen Waterfalls, Dipsiz Lake, Erikli Plateau, Delmece Plateau and Karlik Plateaus are some of the nice places for daily city tours of Yalova and for sightseeing places to make additional improvements for the tourism of this destination.

Cinarcik and Armutlu with the beaches, recreation / picnic spots, with the camping areas are the main destinations for sea / beach tourism and are the most alive destination of tourism in the location. As it is located right next to Marmara Sea Shore, it also makes it possible to have plenty of outdoor and sports activities right here in those districts. Especially underwater scuba diving, yachting, fishing are some of the popular water sports and activities of the city.

Places to visit in Yalova City.
Open air museum was opened for visit in 2003 and is displaying the arts, artifacts and items from Ottoman, Ancient Roma, Byzantine Empire and some other works and models of the pieces found in other region of the city.

Thermal Ataturk House is a wooden house with 2 floor that was established in 1929. The museum is displaying some of the items that were used after the republication, and is a centre place where the meeting and national decisions were made for Turkish Historical Society, Turkish Language Association. The establishment covers roughly 7000 of plants and cultures within itself.

Yuruyen Kosk / Walking Pavilion;  is a building that was being thinking to construct on a place of plane tree, however later by the command of Ataturk "Do not cut the tree, the tree will  be there, move the pavilion next to it instead".

Mosques;  Hersekzade Ahmet Pasa Mosque 15th century Ottoman Empire's work, Rustem Pasa Mosque 17th century and Haci Ali Pasa / Carsi Mosque.

Thermals, hot springs, spas and natural waters; Thermal Spa, Kursunlu Turkish Bath (Hamam) and Armutlu Hot Spring.
Stone bridge, Coban Castle, Elmalik Fortress are also some of the places to see in Yalova.
Recreation Spots; Kent Forests, Hasanbaba, Geyikdere Camlik Pine Forest, Hoyuk Hill, Istihkam Hill and Kapali Cinar.

Provinces of Yalova
Merkez / Central District, Altinova, Armutlu, Cinarcik, Ciftlikkoy and Termal.

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