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Zonguldak City

Zonguldak city located on the Western part of Turkey's Black Sea Region is surrounded by Karabuk City on east, Duzce on west, Black Sea on North Bartin on northeast and Bolu on south.

The city having a great history that goes back as far as 1000 B.C has been dominated by Phrygia , Kimmer, Lydians, Assurs, Meds, Greek Colonies, Persians, Macedon, Bithnia, Roma, Byzantine, Geneviz and Ottoman Empire.

The name of the city was "Sandrake" on the first ages, and is also the first settlement area of the region.

The rich history, natural beauties, thousands years old caves and great green nature forests makes this place a paradise corner of Turkey. Zonguldak Citdere Natural Protection area, having a great variety of different types of trees and hosting some wild animals on the risk of ending it's generation are some of the under protection / preserved values of this city.

Degirmenagzi, Harmankaya and Gunesli Waterfalls has  available areas  for trekking. Bicycle tours are beind held in Eregli and surrounds towns.  Goldagi, Esenlik, Bostanduzu , Pamukduzu spot, Dirgine Valley and Yedigoller surroundings provides plenty of opportunities for daily tours in Zonguldak , nature trekking and hiking  to observe the unique natural beauty of the city.

Black Sea, Filyos River, Kizilcapinar Dam Lake, Ulutan Dam Lake and Devrek Creek holds a potential of providing opportunities for fishing, hunting and daily sightseeing trips.

Places to Visit

Museums: Zonguldak Eregli Museum and Halil Pasa Pavilion (the construction  built by Halil Pasa Karamahmutoglu  at the end of 19th centur, was used as a high school and girls vocational school for a while.  Eregli Museum had performed in Ataturk Culture Center until 1988 was moved to Halil Pasa Pavilion on 1998. The museum display archeological pieces on the first floor, ethnographic items on the second floor and stones and other pices belonging to various eras on it's garden & backyard.).

Zonguldak city having plenty of natural bays & beaches is one of the favorite summer destination for both local and foreigner tourist during the summer season.
Uzunkul, Karadeniz Eregli, Sazkor, Iliksu , Armutcuk, Turkali, Kireclik, Karakum , Kocaman and Alapli are only some of the main and important beaches of the city.

Cehennemagzi Cave, (AKA Prophecy Caves) is also knows as the caves on the Acheron Valley in Greek Mythology, and those were  the structures and  the first temple-like buildings when the Christianity was forbidden  in the area.

Zonguldak Caves (Cumyani, Inagzi, Kizilelma and Gokgol).

Recreation Areas: Ulutan Dam Lake, Kizilcapinar Dam Lake, Guluc Dam, Derekoy Lake and Cobanoglu Pond.

Provinces of Zonguldak:
Alapli, Devrek, Karadeniz Eregli and Caycuma.

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