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Siirt City Guide

Siirt located on south east part of Anatolia is neighbor with Batman on west, Batman and Bitlis on north,  Sirnak and Van on east,  Mardin and Sirnak on south and the whole part of the city is within the basin of Dicle River.

It was ruled by Hittites, Phrygia, Lydians, Assyrians, Byzantines, Seljuks, Danishmentler, Ilkhanid,  snf Ottoman Empire over it's great history that goes back to 8000 B.C.

The city had a significant importance on culture tourism with  G.A.P Project in the area and it is one of the city of Eastern Turkey which needs to be discovered and explored by tourist with it's thermal spas, churches, mosques and with it's tombs. Most of the historical artifacts and buildings which are still available for visit are from the era of Seljuk Empire.

Not only Botan creek provides available courses and opportunities for rafting and Kano  but a bunch of sport activities in area such as hunting, sportive fishing, trekking, paragliding, mountain climbing and camping are only some of the important sport activities available in this city.

Botan Caves is one of the most famous caves of Siirt City which was constituted  because of the geologic limestone structure of the  nature.  The limestone is not resistant to water therefore  after it melts it gets in a form of cave, and some of those caves along the valley were used as houses.

Places to visit in Siirt

Erzen Recreation Spot is located in Kutalan Town of Siirt had contains some foundlings that prove it is the first settlement of the city.

Tombs; Tomb of Veysel Karani, Tomb of Ismail Hakki and his teacher Fakirullah, Sultan Mehmud Tomb, Seyh Hamza-El Kebir Tomb, Seyh Mucaid Tomb, Seyh Muhammed El Hazin Tomb, Molla Halil Tomb, Seyh Musa Tomb, Seyh Serafettin and Seyh Celaleddin Tombs.

Historical Mosques; Grand Mosque ( a master pieces of Seljuks Empire Era constructed in 1129), Carsi Mosque (second name Asakir Mosque was constructed in 1265. and the nationalized parts were restored in 1966), Hidr-ul Ahdar Mosque (one of the oldest mosques of the city and is being considered as established in earyl 12. century.  It was given Cumhuriyet name after the restoration in 1929. ) and  Seyh Memduh / Memdun Mosque (the mosque established in 1893.)

Churches; Hadervis Church, Hosyar Church and Mir Yakup Monastery.

Castles; Derzin Castle (from Byzantine Era), Ince Kaya / Kormas Castle (from Byzantine Era), Irun Castle and Sirvan / Kufre Castle.
Thermal Spas and resources; Billoris Thermal Tourism Center, Hista Spa, Lif Thermal Spa and Saglarca Thermal Spa Spring.
Recreation spots; Cemikari Plateau, Cema Plateau, Harekol Plateau and  Bacova Plateau.

Siirt Provinces
Aydinlar, Pervari, Baykan, Kurtulan, Sirvan and Eruh.

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