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Turkey Guided Tours – Mardin City Guide

Mardin located between Dicle River and Firat River is one of the oldest city of Mesopotamia Area on the upper Mesopotamia and the settlement in the area start before 4500 B.C. and was first established on the top of a mountain in the area. Mardin City can be visited by joining one of our properly prepared Guided Eastern Turkey Tours along with various other cities on Eastern Anatolia usually in summer time.

Those artifacts , constructions and architectures left from Subari, Sumer / Sumerians, Akad, Babil / Babylon, Mitanni, Asur, Persian, Byzantine, Seljuks, Arabs, Artuklu and Ottoman Empire that Mardin served and the artifacts left from those empires and kingdoms makes the city as an open air museum for the visitors. The rich archeological pieces and materials, architectural and historical values makes the Mardin a poem city on eastern Anatolia.

Beside the tombs , mosques and monasteries and churches constructed in the name of different beliefs the city was also on the road of the Ancient Silk Road therefore there are plenty of Caravansaries and Hans in the area.

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Traditional Mardin Houses are the architecture to represent the shape of the whole city. Having a rich variety of yellow limestone were used to build the windows and even doors of the house in this location had no place left to the workmanship of door embroidery. The most highlighted point of these houses are because the limestone workmanship was used as often as possible and the decorated arch with different design motives, columns, windows and doors. Garden walls sometimes rises up to 4 meters divides the front yard of the houses from the streets and provides a protection against to the hard and cold climate of the area. Eyvan is the place where people spends their summer time. The settlement in the center was announced as the Urban SIT area in 1979. Firdevs Pavilion in Nusaybin Town is an advanced architectural example of Mardin Houses.

Places to visit in Mardin

Mardin Museum; Stamps,oil lams, ceramics, coins, and some other jeweleries and accessories and vases belonging to Bronze Age , Early Iron Age, Asur, Urartus, Persians, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottoman Empires are being displayed in the museum.

Dara Ruin Area; it is one of the most important place of Ancient Mesopotamia and is located within the border of Oguz Village. The area constructed inside the rocks by digging and surrounded by the cit walls around and has 2 entrance gates. Church, the bazaar, the pavilion,water arch and hist are still available for visit in our present days and the water bend has water inside. Besides it is also possible to see some cave houses from Ancient Roma Empire around the village.

Girnavaz Mound Tumulus; it was the settlement place between 4000 and 700 years B.C. These area carrying a tumulus shape on it right on the north of Nusaybin was dig and archeological materials such as accessory stuffs, weapons, stamps, tablets and oil lamps were found in the graves after being discovered.

Castles; Castle of Mardin, Fafih Castle, Mardin Mernis and Aznavur Castles.

Mosques and Madrassah; Hamit, Sayh Cubuk, Reyhaniye, Pamuk, Seyh Ali, Zahiri, Azap Arap, Grand Mosque, Haci Omer, Abdullatif, Melik, Mahmut, Kiziltepe Grand Mosque, Sehidiye Camii Mosques, Zinciriye, Seyh Kasim Tomb, Hatuniye Madrassah, Melik Mansur, Sah Sultan Hatun, Kasimiye and Altunboga Madrassah Mosques are some of the historical old religious constructions in the location.

Churches and monasteries; Virgin Mary Church and patriarchate, Mor Mihayel Church and Burc Monastery, Mor Benham (Kirklar) Church, Mor Petrus and Pavlus Church, Mor Ilio Church, Mor Yusuf Church, Izozel Church, Mor Stephonos Churches, Hammara Monastery, Mor Dimet Monastery, Deyrulzeferan Monastery, Mor Evgin, Mor Circis, Mor Yakup and Mor Gabriel Monasteries.

Caves; Mardin Gizzelin / Iplik Dokuma Cave, Midyat Senkoy Kefilmelep, Midyat Hapisnas, Midyat Linveyri Sifa Caves, Midyat Tinat, Mardin Sakolin, Kefilmardin, Midyat Kefilsannur, Kiziltepe Hanika ve Salah, Savur Kilit, Mazidagi Gumusyuva and Avrihan, Nusaybin Hessinmeryem and Sercehan, Dirkip, Derik Derinsu and Haramiye Caves.

Kayseriyye and Revakli Bazaars are two important market and bazaars of Mardin and Radviyye Hamam and Grand Hamam bath are two important hamam and baths of the city in the list of must-visit for tourist visitors.

Germ-i Ap Thermals healing springs are the important thermals and spa springs of Mardin in Dargecit town.
Beyazsu (in Nusaybin - Midyat), Karasu in Nusaybin Midyat, Bakirkiri in city center, Gurs Waterfalls in Kiziltepe - Yuceli, Zinnar Gardens in city centre, Savur Fruit gardens and Yesilli valleys are some of the places for camping, natural activities and other type of outdoor sports.

Provinces of Mardin
Dargecit, Yesilli, Derik, Savur, Kiziltepe, Omerli, Mazidagi, Nusaybin and Midyat

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