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Manisa City Guide - Places To Visit In Turkey

Manisa, located on the west side of Aegean Sea and between Gedir River and Spil Mountain has an
important statues in the country as having a background history that goes back up to 3000's B.C.,
 commercial and ground roads variety (especially railway), industrial improvements and growing,
 cultural and natural beauties at one place. The city's name was Saruhan until late 1923 the period of
 Republic of Turkey and was turned into Manisa in 1927.

Manisa has quite rich eye taking historical artifacts and values such as, foot prints with a history of
25,000 years back, antique cities, Niboe (called crying rock), Kybele / Cybele Rock Monument, Fair Chimneys, Tumulus (King's graves and tombs) and historical colored houses. Thus Manisa is one of the other various travel destinations and places to visit in Turkey on Vacation Packages organized by a reputed travel agency in Istanbul. We are offering the vacation packages to Turkey for anyone to choose the most suitable one as per their needs and requirements.

Manisa is also a natural paradise , producing world wide famous grapes within it's border and quite popular across the country.  The city is also known for it's available camping areas, Spil Mountain National Park covering plenty of Tarpan Horses, deers protection areas and the rich types of birds especially around Marmara Sea and the viticulture / viniculture being quite popular since the antqiue Age up to our present days are only some factors to make Manisa a popular city of Turkey.

The picnic and recreation spot areas covered within Mevlevihane  Inter Forest Recreation Spot and trapeze areas are some of the highlights and popular place of the city with it's  covered restaurant, 2 shooting polygon (artillery range) and with it's tennis court.

The traditional camel wrestling activity being held in the city, Manisa Recreation and Excursion Festival, Caglak and Olive Celebration Festivals,  Manisa's Tarzan and around days festival,  Bagbozumu Celebration , Jereed Festivals, Memorizing Yunus Emre Activities are some of the important cultural events  which keeps the life of the city at it's utmost level and provide opportunities for people to live the culture through these festivals and activities.

Places to visit in Manisa

Museums; Manisa Museum(the museum opened for viswit late in 1937 and displaying both archeological and ethnographical pieces has an important and valuable status in the city as for representing the old settlement and life style  and the cultural componenets of the area.

Aigai Antique City was an important commercial and trade center in 8.Th century B.C. in Hellenistic Era.

Hill Tombs / Graveyard (Antique Theodeore City used to has a commercial and military importance as  having a location where the roads goes to important centers are crossed right in this location and as having a long history that goes back up to Bronz Age.

Serdes Antique City; the antique city has a history of 5000 years and was the capital of Lydia Kingdom. It was also the place where the first money was pressed, the place where the first money on earth was published by the Lydia Kingdom in this antique city , it also played a big and important role of spreading the Christianity.

Temple of Artemis; it is the biggest temple of Ion Age.

Ancient Philadelphia Antique City  (The Ancient city established in the 6th century A.C. is mentioned and known  with it's  acropolis church St. Jean Churh , ruins of antique theater from Ancient Roma Age and ruins of city walls from Byzantine Empire Age.

Serdes Synagogue;  Teh Synagogue is known as one of the oldest temple of Judaism.

Serdes Synagogue;  Teh Synagogue is known as one of the oldest temple of Judaism.

Saittai / Sidas Antique City covers some of the best highlights and must-see places of Manisa such as; Julia Gordos and Gymnasium - Bath Complex.

Castles; Manisa Caste, Inter Castle, Out Castle, and Yogurtcu Castle.
Mosques and historical  constructions; Grand Mosque, Cesnigir , Ivas Pasa, Hatuniye, Sultan Camii, Muradiye , Dilsikar Hatun Mosques, Pasa Mosque and Hamam, Yeni / New Mosque, Seyh Sinan, Yildirim Bayezid, Sabuhan, Halime Hatun, Ayn-i Ali Mosque, Ibrahim Celebi, Lalepasa, Kursunlu, Sahuban, Dervis Ali, Alaybey, Serabat, Husrev Aga, Akhisar Grand Mosque, Darkale Minareli Mosques, Dere Hamam, Cukur Hamam / Bath, Karakoy Hamam, Husrev Aga Hamam, Alaca and Cumhuriyet Hamam are only some of the historical mosques, baths and constructions of Manisa to visit.

Tombs; Saruhanbey Tomb, Revak Sultan Tomb, Yedi Kizlar Tomb, 22 Sultans Tombs and Tomb of Tadbuk Emre Tomb.

Recreation Spots; Sultan Kiraz Plato, Sureyya Inter Forest Resting Area, Cinarli Cesme / Fountain, Akpinar, Caglak Brook (where the Caglak Festival is held in the first or the second week of May), Suleymanli Pine Grove, Guldurdek, Marmara Lake, Kocamurtluk, Akpinar, Kirkagac Pine Grove, Demirkopru Dam Lake, Sevisler Dam Lake and Ovacik Plato.

Thermals and spas; Kursunlu Thermal and Spa Center is one  of the most priority and important thermal resource of Turkey, Sart Thermal Spring, Urganli Spas, Emir Thermal Water, Saraycik Spas, Hisar Springs, Mentece Thermal Spa and Sarikiz Hot Spring.

Mineral Waters and springs; Alasehir Sarikiz Mineral Water, Kula Acisu Mineral Water Springs, Salihli Mineral water and Bardakci Village Springs.

Provinces of Manisa.
Ahmetli, Soma, Akhisar, Selendi, Alasehir, Saruhanli, Turgutlu, Demirci, Sarigol, Golmarmara, Kula, Gordes, Koprubasi and Kirkagac.

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