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Kutahya City Guide

The first establishment of Kutahya located on the inter west part of Aegean Region of Turkey is unknown but the history of the city goes back up to Ancient Phrygia Civilization Era  in 3000's B.C.  Ancient borders of this mysterious city is unknown as well and it was named as Cotiaeum, Kotiaon / Cotiaeon  and Coti / Koti in ancient history.

The city was ruled by Germiyan Anatolian Turkish Beylik and was the capital of this dynasty for 130 years, and it was a center for Ottoman Anatolian Turkish Beylik for over 400 years.

Kutahya keeps a great tourism and economical power potential within it's border with it's day by day improving industries, thermal underground and over ground resources,  hand crafts arts and with it's spectacular culture and history.

100s of wharves and ports were established in Porsuk Dam Lake for yachting,  canoe and for other water sports with water activities. It is also available to go for sportive fishing in Enne Dam, Kurucay Lake and in Kayabogazi Dams besides Porsuk Dam Lake. The city has an available ground and racecourses and recreation areas for resting, camping, caravan tours,for trekking and for plateau with nature tourism as having it's land covered by rich forests in 54%.

Turkey most famous as well as world wide famous ceramics are produced in this city of famous traveler Evliya Celebi. World's first and unique ceramic museum takes place within the border of this city as well as first antique stock.

The castle of Kutahya  located in Hisar Hill has 70 towers according to Evliya Celebi and has been host for many civilizations, empires and dynasties along the history, and footprints of Ottoman Empire, Ancient Roma, Byzantine Empire, Seljuks and Germiyan Anatolian Turkish Beylik artifacts can be found in this area.  Another highlight of this castle is; an outdoor cafe constructed in 1973 inside the castle and it turns around itself each 45 minutes, called "turning cafe  (or gazino in Turkish Language)" becoming on with history and it is an ideal place for having meals.

Places to visit in Kutahya

Museums; Kutahya Archeology Museum, Kutahya Ceramics Museum, Kutahya Kossuth Museum, Sadik Atakan Private Ceramic House, Dumlupinar Ataturk's House Museum,  Tavsanli Municipality Museum, Altintas Municipality Open Air Museum, Dumlupinar Turkish Independence War Museum and Tugay Anatolia Culture Art and Archeology Museum.

Ruins and antique cities; Phrygia Valley (best highlights of this valley are; open air temples which were constructed for the goddess of Phrygia Kybele / Cybele and structures for defense purposes  are some of the best architectures of the valley).
Aizanoi Antique City is where the world's first commodity exchange center was established besides it was the center office of bishop During Roma Empire Era.

Mosques and Tombs; Donenler Mosque, Cinili Mosque, Grand Mosque is the biggest mosque of Kutahya established in 15. century, Hayme Ana Tomb (grandmother of Sultan Osman the founder of Ottoman Empire and Kara Ahmet Bey Tomb the father of Evliya Celebi.

Historical Kutahya Houses; justice house, Kutahya Pavilion, Haymen Ana and Osman Gazi Monuments.

Recreation Areas; Camlica, Porsuk Dam Lake, Domanic Forest, Hidirlik and Golcuk Plateaus.

Thermals and Spas of Kutahya; Yoncali, Kaynarca, Emet Yesil and Herlek Thermals, Gediz Spa, Gediz Muratdagi, Hisarcik, Simav Eynal, Emet Dereli, Hisarcik Esire Thermals and Spas, Simavv Citgol Springs,emet Samrik Thermal Center, Yukari Yoncaagac Spa, Murdesenk Mineral Spring and Simay Nasa Thermal.

Kutahya Provinces
Altintas, Pazarlar, Aslanapa, Simav, Cavdarhisar, Saphane, Domanic, Tavsanli, Dumlupinar, Emet, Hisarcik and Gediz.

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