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Kirsehir City Guide

Kirsehir, Located in central Anatolia Turkey is neighbor with Kirikkale, Cankiri, Yozgat and Corum cities.

Kirsehir is in between of overland route and roads from one side of Turkey to other and it has a typical inter Anatolia / Cental Anatolia Turkey climate. Those package tours and Turkey Tours organized to this location by tour operators are quite popular , and the best season for these trips are the summer time.

The city has a great tourism potentiality with it's underground cities and with it's historical artifacts, besides those specialties, the city also takes attraction of visitors  with it's Seyfe Lake Nature Protection Area and with it's thermal spa richness.

Various archeological researches and studies had been made in the area shows that the history of the city goes back up to 3,000 B.C. till the early Bronze Age.

The first basement and settlement of Ahi Community (Ahilik), which had affected the culture and the shape of Anatolia and Turkey was established in Kirsehir in 13.Th century. Ahi community which is a Turkish Community of Turkey craftsman and tradesman shows the generosity and work principles.

Oynx stone embroidery is quite popular in the area. The stone especially used in making touristic gifts and souvenir stuffs  are embroidering by using local motifs and designs  and it is one of the materials which takes a lot of attractions and attentions from the visitors all the time.

Places to visit in Kirsehir

Kirsehir Museum.

Cagirkan Castle Mound; This location has been settlement for numerous civilizations from 3 thousand years B.C. up to our present days and is located 9 kilometers away from Kaman.

Central Mound (Merkez Kalehoyuk) is in the city center.

Hashoyuk Mound; Hashoyuk carries the footprints of Hittites Era is 35 kilometers away from Hashoyuk City Center.

Dulkadirli Inli Murat Underground City; This underground city established in 3.Th - 4.Th century B.C. is located 58 kilometers away from Kirsehir City Center.

Mucur Underground City; The underground city was constructed in 3.Th century B.C. goes up to 7-8 meters deep.

Historical Mosques and Tombs; Cacabay Mosque, Ahi Evran Tomb and Mosque, Lala / Lale Mosque, Kapucu Mosque, Alaaddin Mosque, Yunus Emre Tomb, Carsi Mosque, Asikpasa Tomb, Muhterem Hatun Tomb, Cacabay Tomb and Turkmeni Tombs.

Castles; Kus / Bird Castle and Keci / Goat Castle.

Kesikkopru Caravansary; The caravansary which takes attention with it's stone embroidery and the bridge was established in 1248 by Seljuks Empire.

Churches; Ucayak (Three Legs) Church, Derefakili Church in Cicekdagi, Aflak Church and Aksakli Church in Mucur.

Thermals and Spas; Thermal springs in city center, Karakurt Spas and Bulamacli Kaplicasi in Cicekdagi.

Seyfe Lake Nature Protection Area is an international important protection area especially for more than 160 different type of birds it contains and for flamingos. It is located between Kirsehir city center and Mucur Town.

Provinces of Kirsehir.
Akcakent, Mucur, Akpinar, Kaman, Boztepe and Cicekdagi.

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