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Kirklareli, is a city where the nature and history meets each other on the border of Bulgaria. Kirklareli contains important tourism values with it's antique cities, caves, rocks with doors and with it's rich green forests.

The natural beauties surrounded by forests and plateaus are only some of the richness of the city to visit. Drekoy, Kofcaz, Vize and Demirkoy areas has the most forests area of the city.
Some of the richness and values that the nature gives to this city are; Istrance Mountains and it's green large forests, Caves like Dupnisa, Altin (Golden) Sandy Beaches of Igneada and the lakes surrounded around, Kiyikoy which was visited by Empire Neron during his governorship of the city for a holiday vacation and it's beautiful bays are only some of the places to tour around.

Kirklareli having the most important antique settlements of the Thrace Area , has quite rich  archeological ruins and monuments and historical artifacts.

Tumulus,  mounds, and many other artifacts that reflects the Dolmens and Ottoman Empire cultures along to it's visitors are available in the area.

The beaches of Igneada, Kastros and Kiyikoy are quite crowded during summer period and are some of the important coastal tourism center of Turkey.
Kocakaynaklar, Dolapdere and Derekoy with their forests, Camping and caravan tours in Limankoy and Seytan Brook, Sportive fishing in Derekoy and Seytan Brook, ideal available walking racecourses and walking tours in Istranca Mountains, around Kaostros Bay, Kavakli Mese Korusu, Saka Lake and Longoz Forests also provided nice places for nature walking and other type of tours in Turkey.

Places to visit in Kirklareli

Kirklareli Museum.

Dolmens of Kirklareli; These dolmens from 1300 B.C. are mostly located on the foot of the mountains and plateaus on the north and north west of the city center.

Menhirler (Obelisk); Those monuments are memorial tombs and graves or graveyards are from early iron age.

Tumulus; There are over 200 tumulus in Kirklarali and 92 of them are officially registered.

Mound of Asagipinar; This settlement located 3 km away from city on the south carries the footprints  and marks of cultures of 5800 B.C. to our present days.

Kanligecit Settlement; This settlement 300 metes away from Asagipinar is from the first Bronze Age.

Madrassah of Sokullu; The madrasah still standing in our present days is one of the important historical artifacts of the city.

Saint Nicholas Monastery; This rock monastery located 700 meters from Kiyikoy is an important Byzantine Age construction still  in good conditions.

Arasta; The work located right next to Hizirbey Hamam (Bath) was established in 1838.

Hizirbey Hamam is in the (Republic) Cumhuriyet Center.

Zindan Baba Tomb.

Sokullu Hamam (Turkish Bath).

Fountains; Kayyumoglu Fountain, Karaumurbey Fountain, Dorduzlu (4 faced) Fountain, Cemilzade Mahmut Aga Fountain and fountain of Sultan.

Bridges; Alpullu Bridge, Bridge of Babaeski, Sokullu Pasa Bridge and Kucuk (Little) Bridge.

Old Kirklareli Houses; It is quite possible to see these traditionally structured architectures in many spots of the city. 

Historical Mosques; Kadi Mosque, Beyazid Mosque, Karakasbey, Hizirbey (Grand Mosque),  Kucuk Ayasofya (Little Santa Sophia), Kapan, Sokullu, Babaeski Caded Ali Pasa, Hasanbey, Fatih and Sokullu Pasa Mosques.

Castles; Koyva Castle, Vize Castle, Yoguntas Polos Castle and Kiyikoy Castle.

Beaches and Sea Shores of Kirklareli; The city having a 50 kilometers coast and most important beaches of these are; Kiyikoy Beach, Igneada Beach and Kaostros Beach.

Kasatura Bay Nature Protecting Area; This protection area located in Kiyikoy 48 kilometers from Vize is one of the beautiful area worth to see in the city.

Saka Lake Nature Protection Area is in Demirkoy Sivriler Town.

Dupnisa Cave; This cave located 6 km away from Sarpdere Village has a length of 3200 meters and it is one of the longest cave of the world. Amongst some other caves which are used for tourism purposes are; Cave of Captain (Kaptan) in  Kiyikoy, Domuzdere and Yenisu Cave and Pekmezdere Cave in Pinarhisar.

Provinces of Kirklareli
Pehlivankoy, Babaeski, Pinarhisar, Demirkoy, Vize, Kofcaz and Luleburgaz.

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