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Karaman City Guide

Karaman city located in central Anatolia is an important city for tourism of Turkey with it's rich historical artifacts, with it's underground cities, caves and with it's cultural traditions and values.

The city was the capital city of Karamanoglu Dynasty for 230 years had observed a very important strategical geographical location especially having quite important trade roads crossing within it's borders makes it even a more important city all over the history.

A recent archeological study have been made in Pinarbasi Mound have found footprints of settlement from 10,000 B.C. and marks of  civilizations from the Era of Epipaleolithic Age.

The city's old name was Larende has quite important and rich works and arts for faith and religion tourism.

The area contains quite a lot Islamic artifacts has some important sights labeled as must-see places such as; Yunus Emre Mosque and Tomb, Mumine Hatun mother of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi and her relatives tombs and Aktekke Mosque.

Around the place there are plenty of festivals  and activities being held every year around, some of the most interesting of these festivals and activities are; Yunus Emre Culture Festival on the forth week of September in Yesildere, Apple Festival in the first week of October being hold in city center, Cherry Festival in Basyayla on the 4.Th week of June and Honey Festival in  Sariyeliler or Basyayla.

Karaman is also famous for it's sheep and apples too.
The city's kitchen has great tasty and delicious foods such as; Guymak, raisin halvah, Pide, Walnut bandirma, Zeyve Kebap, Sebit Rice and many other Turkish and Ottoman style dishes.

Places to visit in Karaman

Karaman Museum; The museum has great rich contents and materials of collections most important of these are especially from Byzantine and Turk Islamic Arts and from antique ages.

Derbe are has been visited 3 times by St. Pavlos in 53 B.C. is an important place for Christianity and a bishopric center for Christians.

Madensehir Ruins 37 km from city center.

Mosques; Sadettin Ali bey, Mader-i Mevlana, Yollarbasi Grand Mosque, Yunus Emre, Akcasehir, Imaret, Karabas Veli, Araboglu and Dikbasan Mosques are some of the most important mosques of the city.

Yunus Emre Tomb; The tomb at the end of Yunus Emre Mosque is located in city centre.

Castles; Karaman Castle, Mennan Castle, Bagdas and Ermenek Castle.

Alahan Monastery; The monastery established in the midle of 5.Th century is on the foot of Goksu Valley.

Derekoy Fisandon Church (Mosque); The building belonging to 9.Th century is 7 km away from the city center on the south.

Ibrala Church (Mosque); is located 57 km away from the city on east.

Cesmeli / Fountain Church is located in city center.

Authentic Taskale Town.

Water Grinders in Ermenek - Zerve Bazaar.

Incesu Cave; This cave located  within the border of Taskale Town 7 km away from Karaman on the south is a wonder of nature with it's distance of 1356 meters.

Meraspolis or Meraspulla Cave; This cave Being one the the biggest 3 caves of the world is located in Ermenek Town.

Manazan Caves; These caves located in Yesildere Valley on Karaman - Tasdere Road . 40 km way from the city, contains plenty of human made dig settlement places , having damaged over time it's not possible to find a specific entrance.

Karaman Provinces;
Sariveliler, Ayranci, Kazimkarabekir, Basyayla and Ermenek

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