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Igdir City Guide

Igdir , is an eastern Anatolian city located on fertile  mountan, plains and plateaus of  eastern Turkey.

Turkey highest mountain Agri Mt. is rising on south east part of Igdir with it's magnificence.

Located and established on a land of mountainous terrain has some differences with other cities of Turkey as for the climate and plant cover. The land on this area provides availability and fertile opportunities for agriculture especially the land on Igdir Plain mainly for cotton plant and fruits.

Fruit growing, agriculture , viticulture / viniculture and  ceral plant agriculture were some of the agriculture types which had given a big economical power to the area especially during Urartus.

For over thousands of years, from long time ago being a settlement for the first time for Hurrians, and many other civilizations over the history, and became part of Ottoman Empire's land after the battle of Caldiran. Historical silk road which goes into central Anatolia was passing through Igdir.

Agri Mountain is one of the most highlight and values of tourism and tourist places, it provides opportunities and available racecourses of mountain sports for especially those who are interested in mountain climbing.
It carries Ataturk's (Mustafa Kemal Ataturk) a portrait sculpture on the top of mountain which was ordered to make by Army  Major Cevdat Sunay in 1937.

Besides all these, many of the scientist and geologist had performed climbing on Agri Mountain in order to make research and examine the mountain.

Places to Visit in Igdir
Mount Agri; Being a border between Iran and Igdir and having a height of 5165 meter high , it is an old volcanic mountain on east side of Turkey.
Harmandoven Caravansary; This caravansary master pieces established by Seljuks Empire in 12 century is located on Historic Silk Road on the route of Batum Tebriz Caravan Road.

Tombs with battering-ram; In the plain of Igdir, each of these tombs have battering-ram on top was left from the era of Kara Koyunlu (Black Sheep Turkomans) Federation.

Igdir Castle (Castle of Korhan); Located 36 km away from city center, on the foot of Agri Mountain.

Mosques; Asma Village Mosque and Aralik Village mosque.

Tombs; Cakirtas Amarat Kulyusuf Tomb, Tomb of Aralik Haci Ibrahim Godek, Tomb of Karakoyunlu (Black Sheep Tukomans) Garip Seyit and Himmet Sayah Tomb.

Igdir Caravansary; This Caravansary was established during the age of Chief of Surmeli Serafeddin Ejder located 31 km away from the city center.

Karakale Caravansary is 25 kilometers away from Igdir, on the south part of Aras River.

Hamam (Turkish Bath) of Aralik Ortakoy.

Historical Bridges; Alikocek / Elli Kuce Creek Bridge, Acisu Bridge, Tuzluca, Agabey and Incesu Bridges.

Karakale Ruins and Ancient City is within the border of Armenia on the west of Igdir Plain.

Foot and shores of Aras River.

Provinces of Igdir
Karakoyunlu, Igdir  Center, Tuzluca and Aralik.

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