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Icel Mersin City

Icel , being a modern and touristic harbor city of Eastern Anatolia provides endless opportunities to it's visitors and tourists with it's streets decorated with palm trees, with it's green natural parks, with it's historical artifacts all around the city and with it's numerous sand beaches. The city is also known and become one with the name Saint Paul who was born in Tarsus in history,  all over the  world.

The history background of the city goes back up to ages ago. According to a resource had been made in Yamuktepe Mountain it's found plenty of ruins and footprints of 12 civilizations one after another starting from the Neolithic Era.

An old Ancient Roma City Pomeipolis (Viransehir) is an important antique settlement which was established around 700 B.C. The city covering plenty of artifacts especially from Christianity Era had a big earthquake  and got huge damages in 525 in Necropolis.

Mersin Sea Shore all along has plenty of natural beaches having great sand and being quite clean all along 108 km along Mersin  Sea Side is one of the popular place for the tourists. Some of the most highlighted and important of these beaches are Susanoglu, Yemiskumu, Kurucay, Tasucu, Kiz Kalesi, Lamas, Oren, Cesmeli, Yenikas, Iskele and Anamur Buyuk Eceli and  Ovacik Beaches.

The area also quite rich in natural beauties provides opportunities and availability for sportive fishing,  scuba diving tours, cave tourism, paragliding travel, mountain tours, nature walking and for many other sports and activities, as being one of the important tourism center.

Places to visit in Icel
Museums; Anamur Museum, Silifke Ataturk's House and Ethnography Museum, Mersin Museum, Tarsus Museum, Silifke Museum and Mersin Ataturk's House and Museum.

Yamuktepe Mountain; The digging resources has been made and found hundreds of artifacts and materials  in the settlement of this area whose historical background  goes back up to Neolithic Era is being displayed in Mersin Museum.

Soli - Pompeipolis (Viransehir); Soloi Antique City established in 7th century B.C. on the sea shore and is located 14 km away of Mersin on west.
Zephyrium Antique City; The city is being accepted as the antique settlement of Mersin.

Anchiale / Karaduvar is located on east side of Mersin.

Eski Mosque - Saint Paul Church; The structure was constructed as the cathedral of Saint Paul is a very important piece and is located in Tarsus.

Cleopatra Gate (Sea Gate); Takes place in the entrance of Tarsus.

Ship of Nusret Mayin; The ship had a main role in the independence war , Canakkale war which affected the history.

Obelisk / Dikilitas; This piece belong to 7th century B.C. is located in Bekirde Village.

Monument Tomb / Graveyard  (Dort Ayak) is in Aydincik Town.

Nagidos Antique City takes place in Bozyazi.
Church Bay (Kilise Burnu) Ruins and Antique city.
Arsione (Maras Hill ) located 2 km away from the antique harbour city Bozyazi on east.

Elaiussa - Sebasta is around Ayas surroundings 52 km away from Mersin.
Okuzlu Ruins and Antique city in Ayas.

Alahan Monastery is one of the sacred place / temple which was established for the name of Saint Paul and located 20 km in the north of Mut Town.

Balabol and Dagpazari Ruins in Mut.

Roma Temple in Silifke
Cambazli Church; It is one of the example which is still in good condition in our present days.
Aya Tekla Underground Church in Silifke; This holy place is one of the most important and center of Virgin Mary and Christanity.

Harbour Castle; located on Tasucu - Antalya Road , and is 7 km away from Tasucu Town.

Aphrodisiacs of Kilia  was constructed in 12. century B.C. St. Pantaleon Church located in this area is one of the must-see places of the area.

Imbriogon / Demirci Monument Tombs / Graveyards.

Diocaesarea / Uzuncaburc this one of the oldest settlement of Mersin located 30 km away from Silifke Town is considered as one of the best preservedartifacts of Icel / Mersin.

St. Paul Well ; This well is located in the backyard of the house where St. Paul used to live in Kizilmurat District.

Gozlukule; was being used as Tarsus's harbor in old times.

Donuktas; The monument located in Tekke District of Tarsus Town is one of the oldest monument of the area.

Roman Bath (Roma Hamami) in Tarsus.

Justiniaus Bridge also referred as Bac Bridge established over Berdan Creek in Tarsus.

Tarsus Waterfalls and Roma Tombs / Graveyards; on the way of Berdan Creek in the north of Tarsus.

Su Kemeri ; is around 700 mt away from Tarsus city center on north east.

Kakliktasi Village contains Necropolis area and ruins.

Belenkoyu Necropolis Field and Antique Ruins.

Kesbuku Village Necropolis Field and Antique Ruins.

Titiopolis; located on the road of Ovabasi Village of Anamur Town and contains basilica of Titipopolis and Tombs of Titiopolis.

Anemurium Old Anamur; Anemurium meaning that the windy spot / windy place used to be an important and popular trade city in old eras.

Anemurium Old Anamur; Anemurium meaning that the windy spot / windy place used to be an important and popular trade city in old eras.

Demiroluk Ruins / Anamur Town.
Kizilkilise / Kizil Church is in the village of Kizilaliler.
Ortak Village Sapel Structure on the shore of Kaladran Creek.
Cennet Village in Anamur Town.

Bazaars; Kirkkasic Bazaar Tarsus, Tol Caravansary Anamur, Akarca and Atikapi Caravansary in Anamur town and Sartavul Hans in Mut Town.

Castles and Forts; Hebili Castle (Mercin City Centre), Gozne, Sinap, Kizlar, Candir - Paperon, Belenkeslik, Basnalar, Asar - Hisar, Evciler, Findikpinar, Kuzucu Bilen, Kaleburnu Village Castles in Mersin City Center, Cavuslu Village WatcTower, Gulek Castle (Tarsus), Cleopatra Sea Gate (Tarsus), Namrun, Sinap and Lampron Castles in Camliyayla,  Korykos - Kara, Kizkalesi , Hisarkale, Titar - Akkale, Veyseli and Yeniyurt Castles and Ruins in Erdemli Town, Silifke Castle , Center / Meydan - Sivri Castle, Gokburc, Hancerkale, Liman - Harbor Castle and Tokmar Castellum Novum Castles in Silifke Town. Mut and Mavga Castles in Mut Town, Meydancik - Kirshu Castle in Gulnar Town, Softa and Yelbiz Castle in Bozyazi, Aydincik Town Susanlik Castle,  Memure Castle Anamur Town, Coban and Boncuklu Castles in Anamur.

Caves; Seven Sleepers (Yedi Uyurlar or Eshab-i Keyf) Cave in Tarsus Town, Hell - Heaven (Cennet - Cehennem) Caves, Cennet Cokugu Cave  in Silifke Town, Cehennem Cukuru, Astim Caves in Silifke, Kosekbuku Cave in Anamur, Calti - Bozyazi, Ekizin Duzeni, Sumakli Duden - Silifke, Cukurpinar - Anamur, Uyu and Bicikli Caves in Anamur, Saydibi, Mehribakan, Karain, Hacisarinin Caves in Camliyayla and Derekoyu Kuzeyi Cave in Mut Town.

Thermals , Spas and Springs; Silifke Saparca Spring, Mersin - Guneysu Thermal, Guneyyolu Spa, Tarsus Akcakoca Thermal, Mut Hocanti Spas and Tarsus Kesbuku Springs.

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