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Denizli Pamukkale City

Denizli is a unique tourism center and a famous city of Turkey with it's thermal spa water resources , all white travertines that makes people wonder, with it's antique cities and ruins and with it's world wide known rooster.

The white castle (Pamukkale) travertines of the area which had been subjected in many of the legendary stories, is now one of the most attracting highlight of the area and one of the most visited tourism center of Turkey in Pamukkale province of Denizli city.

Hierapolis antique city and ruins that covers plenty of excellent embossed carvings , marble graves, Zeus, Leto, Marcias and Apollon decorations and great temples represents the magnificence of it's own.

The historic city which has a background of the history goes back until 2200 year ago, had always been a very important place as it is located on the roads of trades ever since.

Having a plenty of plateaus,  water & spring resources, forests, innumerable  picnic and camping area makes the city even more beautiful and a great place for it's visitors.

It covers many places that are suitable and available for photo safari, mountain & nature walking, bicycling tours,  sportive fishing and hunting.

The first air sports racing was held in  Pamukkale Hanaz Mountain.

Denizli has gained a big importance in country's economy especially in textile sector. It is possible to see and buy the high quality of it's textile products in the bazaar located in city center.

Places to visit in Denizli
Pamukkale Travertines.

Ataturk and Ethnography museum is in the city center.

Hierapolis Antique City and Archeology Museum, takes place 17 km away from Denizli on the south part in Cokelez Mountains. It is the biggest antique city and ruins of Lycus Valley (Curuksu Valley).

Memorial Fountain, theater , North Grand Hamam, South Grand Hamam, Agora, Basilica, Necropolis and Saint Philip Martyrion are some of the highlight places of must-see of Denizli.

Antique Cities and ruins; Laodicea, Tripolis, Colossae, Temple of Apollon, Eumania, Dionisopolis, Heraklia Selbace, Sebastopolis,Tabae, Anava, Trapezopolis, Attuda, Apollonia and Hierapolis antique city.

Karayahit red water travertines are located in the town of Karayahit.

It is also worth to see the stones and rock's labels which are in red, white and green colors because of the steams that the red water around these rocks gave these colors.

Beycehoyuk mound is  Civrildi Town.

Cardak han and Akhan Caravansary.

Severgazi tomb in Yenisehir Town.

Ahmetli Bridge from the Antique Roman Era is on the river of Great Menderes and is   located near Saraykoy town.
Kocapinar Waterfalls is one of the most natural beauty of the area.

Health tourism , Thermals and Spas; Pamukkale Thermap spas, Cizmeli and Yenice Thermals and spas, Karayahit Thermals and Spa, Golemezli Mud Spa, Kabaagac - Babacik Thermals, Tekkekoy Spas, Kavakbasi and Kizildere spa.

Provinces of Denizli
Baklan, Acipayam, Bekilli, Akkoy, Beyagac, Babadag, Bozkur, Civril, Buldan, Guney, Cal, Honaz, Cameli, Kale, Cardak, Saraykoy, Tavas and Serinhisar.

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