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Batman City Turkey

Batman city was built on the land which Dicle and Firat river gives life, with splendid history past and amazing historical arts, ruins protecting it's importance until the present day, having thousands of caves within it's borders is an important eastern Anatolian city of Turkey. It is neighbor with Mardin on south, Mus on North, Siirt and Bitlis on east and Diyarbakir on west.

Mesopotamia area which was located  between Dicle and Firat river is one of the first settlement  and civilizations places mankind ever built in the history. The archeological researches made out on the area shows that  the history of the civilizations on the shores of Batman and Garzan creeks connected to Dicler River  goes back until the Neolithic Era.

Hasankeyf antique city is unknown by whom it was established but it is an amazing history treasure carrying the footprints from Middle Ages and had it's greatest time during Artuqid   Dynasty. Hasankeyf antique city historical artifacts, with  over 4,000 caves, cave houses and with stone graves it is both a nature and history wonders. The area kept it's economical and militaristic  importance for over centuries having a  location beside the river , as it was one of the most popular way for trading in the history.

Raman Mountain, Sason Mountains, Avci , Meleto and Meydanok Mountains surround Batman has a high potential of rich petrol and miners. The petrol  being extracted from the  wells found in this area  goes to Batman by the pipe line and has  big affect on country economy.

Places to visit in Batman
Hasankeyf Antique City; 37 km away from the city center on the Road of Diyarbakir-Cizre east of Dicle river. Hasankeyf district  and the archeological excavation areas,small and big palaces, Historical waterline and the ruins of Hasankeyf, Zeynel Bey Thomb, castle gates, Dicle Bridge, Grand Mosque, Cave Churches are only some of the unique master pieces worth to see.
Hasankeyf Castle and Hazo / Kozluk Castle.
Mor-Kiryakus Monastery and  Mor Aho Monastery.

Hallan Cemi Mound; This mound having a roughly 10,000 years of history located in Kozluk Province on Kaltep Village is belived to be belong to Neolithic Age.

Batman Malabadi Bridge; This is an art master piece which is accepted as the twin of Mostar Bridge.
Besides Batman and Dicle river is available for fishing, Raman and Meleto Plateaus are good for walking tours and some other sport activies.

Provinces of Batman

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