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Where is the best place to ex-change money in Istanbul


It's always a great idea to know where you can ex-change money, but it's even a greater idea to know where you can get the best currency and rates to ex-change foreigner currency into YTL (Turkish Liras) in Istanbul Turkey.

Where can you get best rates to ex-change foreigner currency into Turkish Liras (YTL) or other way around ?
It's best to know where you can ex-change money before you arrive to a destination ,especially if it's your first time to visit. We will try to give you some tips on how or where to ex-change money in Istanbul City Turkey.

There are plenty of ex-change offices almost all over Istanbul City. You might see them everywhere starting right from the airport you arrive to. Personally i do not recommend to change your money in airports unless it's necessary, airports in Istanbul are must-avoid as the rates at change offices terrible and they will charge a omission on top of that (varying from 3 to 5%). There are bank branches at the airports as well, they are no different than those change offices around.

Old Town district - Sultanahmet
Ex-change money in Istanbul
It's also quite convenient to run into an ex-change office around old town (Sultanahmet Area), their rates are better than airport's rate and they don't charge you for omission, however their rates are still not the best in town. You might use those change offices unless you are ex-changing a significant amount of money (more than a few hundreds). as they will be quite convenient for many of the tourists whose hotels are near by or located right in old town district of Istanbul.

New City - Taksim / Beyoglu Area
You might see most of those ex-change offices on the main street (Istiklal Street) or around the main street, the rates are average and just like the old town district, you might be okay to change only a few hundreds as the balance will not be a huge amount, however keep reading if you would like to find out the best rates in all over Istanbul City.

Grand Bazaar - The best place to change money in Turkey & Istanbul
Change currency Istanbul
The Grand Bazaar is the place to ex-change your foreign money into Turkish Liras, or the other way around. This is the best place in all over Istanbul to change money either it's a small money or a big amount. The currency will definitely satisfy you, and you will realize that it is the best rates in town.
However, a few tips to keep in mind, grand bazaar is a big closed market in Istanbul, hence you need to find the street where there are plenty of ex-change offices one after another (inner side of the Bazaar, near the exit to "Mahmutpasa" District). Once you see those ex-change offices you will know that you are in the right place and safe to change your money.

PS: These article is only for information basis, it does not promote or give you the accurate rate. One might find some other places better than the places recommend up above.