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Tunceli City Guide

Tunceli City had taken it's first settlement in 5000 - 3500 B.C. and was located on the upper Firat River area of Eastern Anatolia Region. The previous name of the city as "Kalan" was turned into Tunceli which means the place where the people as strong as bronze lives.
Munzur Valley, which is one of the biggest National Park of Turkey since 1971 , provides a great value , sportive / outdoor activities all together with the sources, natural springs , streaming waters regional plants , bird types and animal types of the area.
Munzur , Peri and Pulumur rivers provides a large possibilities for rafting sports and sportive fishing.
Munzur, Karasu-Aras Mountain and Bagirpasa Mountains are also a hot destination for mountaineering, mounting climbing, hiking, walking and for ski sports. Dereova Waterfalls with the different beauties it serves to the visitors in summer and winter is also a great point for hiking, however the difficulty of the transportation to the spot limits the visitors for a great natural walking.
Zenginpinar (Also known as Zageli) Waterfalls is a hot tourist destination where you can take a daily trip and have a wonderful natural sightseeing in the area, is a great natural richness of the Tunceli City.
Saritas, Saglamtas, Karagol, Dereboyu Plateau, Gokce, Cakirkaya, Alacik, Koyungolu, Gozeler, Burnak, Egripinar, Mollaaliler and Pasaduzu is are some of the best potential Plateaus Tourism destinations of the location.

Tunceli City, keeps the historical and cultural values with many of cultural festivals and activities such as Munzur Culture and Nature Festival, victory days, Pulumur Honey Festival, Cemizgezek Mulberry and Cheese Festival and Pertek Mulberry Festival.

Places to visit in Tunceli
Historical Mosques; Celebiaga Mosque 1569, Sagman Mosque 1555, Ulukale Mosque1793, Sungurbey 1577, Elti Hatun 1252, Yelmaniye, Suleymaniye Mosques.

Toms & Mausoleums;  Ferruh Sad Bey  Tomb 1551, Mahsume Hatun Mausoleum late 15.Th Century, Elti Hatun 15.Th Century, Coban Baba 15.Th Century and Uzun Hasan Tombs and Mausoleums.

Historical castles and forts; Cemizgezek Fort, Mazgirt Fortress, Kale Koyu (Castle Village) Castle, Derun-i Hisar Castle, Pertek and Bagin Castles.

Historical Turkish Baths (Hamam); Hamam-i Atik, a structure belongs to Ak Koyunlar Era and was restored in 18.Th Century. Yeni Hamam was constructed between 1701 - 1702.

Stone bridges; Tahar or Yusuf Ziya Pasa Bridge 1807, Asagi Kopru 1203 and Sivdin Bridge in  12th Century - 13th Century.

Recreation Spots; Dinar Creek Around, The edges of Keban River Dam, Pertek Ferry Port Environments,  the spot where Muncur Streaming Water and Mercan Creek meets.

Hamidiye Madrassah is a private structure in our present day , which was constructed in 1861-1862 and was used as a court for a short while during the republication of Turkey.

Munzur and Halbori Springs; Bas and Meydan Fountains, cave holes numbered up to 20 , were dug  into  the stones and caves also names as Dervish Cells, Dervis Cells. Historical grave stones and Armenian Churches are some of the other cultural richness of Tunceli to visit.

Thermal spas and springs; Dedebag / Bagin Thermal, Anafatma Spring, Asagi Doluca / Haric Spa, Karaderbent Village Spa, Sutluce / Harcik Spa, Dikilitas Mineral Water, Ilicak Mineral Spa and Pulumur Mineral Spring.

Provinces of Tunceli.
Cemisgezek, Pulumur, Hozat, Pertek, Ovacik, Mazgirt and Nazimiye.

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