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Trabzon, located on the east side of Black Sea Region and known to be settled by the Turkish Folks from the Central Asia in history. It was under the domination of Millet Persians, Roma , Byzantium and Comnenus (Kommanos) Empire, finaly it was dominated by the Ottoman Empire until the Republication of Turkey, when Fatih Sultan Mehmed conquered the city  in 1461. Trabzon was mentioned for the first time in script written source as "Trapezus".
One of the Sultans of Ottoman Empire, The Magnificent Sultan Suleyman was born and grown up in this city.
And Yavuz Sultan Selim, again one of the greatest sultans of Ottoman empire was the governor of the city for 22 years.

Trabzon is still gaining it's significance and importance in international arena  as for it's locations and with it's modern transportation possibilities between Caucasus Central Asia and Europe.
The city with the cultural and historical value is open for tourism in any season of the year which is also a shore city with the lakes, streaming waters, plateaus,  and with a vegetation that it is possible to see any tones of the green itself.
Plateau  tourism is alive four seasons in the city with the plateaus surrounding the  whole city on four sides with possibility of accommodation, natural / mountain walking , hiking and  many types of activities in those areas.
Besides the brightness that Trabzon Yildiz Teknik University brought to area, the city is hosting plenty of congresses, symposium and panels gives a great important potentiality and value to itself for congress tourism in the region.

There are plenty of locations available for caravan tourism and cultural tours e Besikduzu, Sera Lake, Akcaabat, Camburnu, Arakli, Uzungol, Hidirnebi Plateau and Hamsikoy located along the shore of the city.

Mountaineering, jeep safari, paragliding, trekking and canoeing tourism are only some of the nature sports and outdoor activities that are being performed within the natural shape of Trabzon tat provides a large and rich possibilities for the sports lovers.

Places to visit in Trabzon City.
Sumela (Meryem Ana / Virgin Mary) Monastery which is located on the outskirts of the Karadag Mountain , 300 meters higher than the valley on a  big precipice rock reef.
This ensemble of the structure was constructed in 13th. Century had it's golden age during 19th. Century with some additions and restoration. The Monastery covers a church, Ana Kaya Church, a few chapels, kitchen, library, holy spring, monk rooms, guest rooms and guards rooms in this spectacular monastery.

Trabzon Museum: The structure was firstly built as a multiple programmed house by banker Kostaki Theophylaktos in the beginning of 1900s. The building with one of the best examples of civil architecture in Turkey was turned into and re-opened for visits as the Museum of Trabzon in 2001.

The archeological artifacts are being displayed in the basement floor,  the ground floor is saved for the exhibition of the structure and the first floor is displaying some of the great ethnographic arts and pieces for the visitors and tourists.

Ayasofya Museum (1238 - 1263), Ataturk Pavilion (the beginning of the 19th. Century), Cevdet Sunay House Museum and Trabzon Museums are only some of the must-see or must-visit highlights of the area.

Castles: Castle of Trabzon 5th Century A.C belongs to Ancient Roma Era and Akcakale Castle.

Mosques; Gulbahar Hatun Mosque , was constructed for the memorial of Gulbahar Hatun, the  mother of Yavuz Sultan Selim inside of a complex of buildings adjacent to a mosque. The mosque itself and the tombs which made it to our present days are worth to give it a visit. Ortahisar Fatih Mosque, the building was established in 914 and was named as Altinbasli Meryem Church then was turned into a mosque after the conquer of the location. Yeni Cuma Mosque, the building was built dedicated to Eugenios, one of the saints of Trabzon was again turned into a mosque after the conquer. Iskender Pasha, Erdogdu Bey, Ahi Evren Dede, Tavanli and Hizirbey Mosques.

Tombs; Ahi Evren Tomb, Gulbahar Hatun, Emir Mehmet, and Hamza Pasa Tombs.

Houses & Pavilions; Memisoglu Konagi House, Nemlizade Pavilion, Yarimbiyikoglu House, Kundupoglu House, Cakiraga Mansion, Ortahisar House and Akcaabat Ortamahalle Mansions.

Monasteries; Sumele Monastery also known as Monastery of Virgin Mary, Vezalon-Yahya Monastery the chapel is belong to 15th Century and the church is a 19th Century work, Kustul - Hizil Ilyas Monastery is also known as Gregorius Peristera and was established in the center of 18th Century. Kaymakli 1424, Kizlar Monastery also known as Kostaki Theophylaktos and is a work of 1349 - 1390.

Inns & Caravansaries: Vakifhan Inn, Tashan Caravansarai and Alaca Han Inn.

Baths and Hamams; Sekiz Direkli Hamam, Pasha Hamam, and Meydan Turkish Bath.

Bridges & fountains and aqueducts; Zagnospasa Bridge, Tabakhane Bridge, Degirmendere Bridge, Abdullahpasa Fountain, Abdulhamit Fountain, Kuzgundere Aqueduct, Imaret Streaming Water Aqueduct and Kavakli Aqueducts.

Monuments of Yavuz Sultan Selim, ammunition storage, Zagnos Burcu, Bedesten Bazaar, St. John Church, Santa Anna Church are some of the other valuable places to visit in Trabzon.

Provinces of Trabzon
Akcaabat, Tonya, Arakli, Salpazari, Arsin, Surmene, Besikduzu, Of, Carsibasi, Macka, Caykara, Koprubasi, Dernekpazari, Hayrat Vakfikebir, Duzkoy  and Yomra.

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