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Tokat City Guide

Tokat located at the central Black Sea area of Black Sea region in Turkey is neighbors with Amasya on west part,  Sivas on Eastern and South of Turkkey, Yozgat on Southern west, Ordu on northern east and Samsun city on North part of the country. With it's history that goes back to 4000 B.C it was dominated by Hittites , Phrygians , Roma, Byzantine, Danismends, Seljuks, Ilkhanates and Ottoman Empire one after another.

Tokay shields plenty of values with it's rich history and cultural savings is memorized as "Alimler Konagi (House of Scholars), Sairler Yatagi (Place of Poets)" from the Evliya Celebi's Book of Travel.
The cave of Ballica with it's roughly 30,000 hectare field and with it's structure that the highest point can rich up to 1 thousand 300 meters is one of the highlights of the city that attracts visitors. The cave which is supposedly known to be happen 3-4 millions years before is divided into following known sections;
The Hall of Big Groom , Mud Hall, The hall of fossil, the bat's hall, cave-in hall, blocked cellar, section of mushroom, the new saloon  and cliff cellar.

Mountain of Gij Gij, Sulusaray Thermal Spring and Gumenek is some of the available and popular camping and recreation places of the city. While it is possible to have a chance to do trekking in the plateau of Alan and Ballica Cave, it is also possible to have some water sports along with sportive fishing in the dam of Almus and many other streams around the city.

Places to visit in Tokat City.
Tokat Museuml; Gok Madrassah that was constructed during the era of Seljuks, and was used as Madrassah and hospital until 1926. One of the gorgeous example  Madrassah of Anatolian Seljuks Empire was turned into a museum in 1982. The museum today is  displaying some work of ethnography and archeological arts in it.
Mosaic Museum and Latifoglu Pavilion is 2 other museums in Tokat.

Ruins & historical sites; Mosathoyuk Tumulus belongs to Tokat Museum, Ulutepe, Sebastopolis also known as Sulusaray ruin and Niksar ruins.

Historical mosques; Hatuniye also known as Meydan Mosque, Ivaz Pasa, Kazancilar, Ali Pasa, Hamza Bey Masjid, Behzat, Haci Turan . Alaca Mescid Ulu (Grand) Mosque and Behzat Mosques.

Historical tombs; Sefer Bese Tomb, Sumbul Baba, Seyh Meknun, Burgac Hatun, Vezir Ahmet Pasa, Ali Kutsi, Sentimur, Sevdakar, Pir Ahmet Bey, Kemer Ali Pasa Tomb, Erenler Tomb, Acepsir and Pir Ahmet Bey Tombs.

Dervish Lodges & Dervish Convents; Halef Sultan Convent, Tokat Dervish Lodge, Abdulmuttalip Convent and Sumbul Baba Lodge and Convent.
Inns and Pavilions; Pasa Han, Yagciolu Inn, Sulu  and Develik Inns.

Turkish Baths & Hamams; Mustafa Aga Bath, Yorguc Pasa Hamam, Sultan Hamam, Pervane Sauna and Alipasa baths.

Resadiye Thermal Spa and Spring and Sulusaray Thermal water are natural healing center of Tokat City.The Castle of Tokat, Takyeciler Fountain, Hidirlik and Karaltan Bridges, Tokat City Clock Tower, some of the Bazaars of Bedestan and Arasta Bazaar are some of the places to see in the area.

Recreation Spots; Lake of Gooses, Resadiye Zinav Lake, Almus Dam and Lake, Topcam and Camici.

Provinces of Tokat.
Almus, Sulusaray, Artova, Turhal, Basciftlik, Yesilyurt, Erbaa, Resadiye, Nisar, Zile and Pazar

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