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Samsun City Guide

Samsun was first established by Miletus with the name Amisos in 750 - 760 years B.C. and was ruled by Persians, Macedonians, Pontus, Ancient Rome, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottoman Empire. It has a significant importance all over the country as the first starting place of "Turkish War of Independence".

Samsun Located on Black Sea Region has a high potential of being a tourism center of the region as large and convenient transportation  sea, ground, air and railways and with it's natural historic and cultural attributes.

The city also hosts quite large numbers of beautiful sandy beaches within it's borders as having a long way sea shore within the border of the city. Alacam Geyikkosan Beach, Bafra Beaches, besides the beaches and camping areas in Yakakent and Cam Lake there are also private camping areas and sandy beaches in Atakum, Catalcam, Kurupelit, Incesu, Atakent, Derekoy, Erenkoy and Taflan. Most of the festivals and activities held by the local authorizes and ministries are being held in the beaches of the city.

Samsun provides opportunity to have four seasons within one day because of it's special location between Red River and Yesilirmak (Green River) Deltas. Sports angling / fishing is an important activity taking place especially on those rivers and on the 4 lakes of those rivers around, on Ladik Lake and on many other small and big lakes.

Ladik Akdag and Ladik Plateaus, Vezirkopru Kunduz Forest and Plateaus, Yakakent Forest Foundations, Dam lakes surrounding , Tekkekoy Haci Osman Forest and Kocadag Mountain has the best courses for nature and mountain walking in the area.

Places to visit in Samsun

Archeology and Ethnography Museum was opened for visits in 1981. Among some of the pieces being displayed in the museum are; Treasure of Amisos, coins, bones, bronze, stone and baked soil works, the mosaics  discovered in Antique / Ancient Amisos City  which was done in Ancient Rome Age and was restored during Byzantine Empire Era, Blanket of Love that was prepared for the 80th anniversary of  Ataturk's landing on Samsun and that carries the symbols of 80 cities of Turkey, earthenware jars, sarcophagus, steller, money and watch purses, hand towels, hand written Kuran, accessories, weapons, kitchen tools, carpets and Kilims.

Gazi Museum; It was opened for visits in 1940 and was restored to convert it into a modern museum in late 2006.

Mosques; Grand Mosque (It was constructed by Batumlu Haci Ali in 1884. The marble altar and wooden mimbar is gorgeous), Yali Mosque (was established by Mehmed Sadik Bin Abdullah in 1312), Kursunlu Mosque (was constructed by Molla Fahrettin in 1340 of Hegira), Haci Hatun Mosque(was established by the daughter of Ibrahim  Hatice Hatun as a good deed in 1694), Kale Mosque (was constructed for the name of the governor of Ilhanli Valley Emir Timurtas Pasa in 1314), Pazar Mosque was an Ilhanli structure in 14th century and was restored in 1819.
Tombs; Seyh Sayyid Kudbettin Tomb, Kilicdede Tomb, Emir Mirzabey Tomb, Hizirbey Tomb and Mustafabey Tomb.

Mather Dolarosa Church was established in 1846 and is still open for praying at present.

Ladik Hamamayagi Thermals and Havza Thermal spas are some of the highlighted spas of Samsun.
Tashan and Fazil Ahmed Pasa Market are some other important structures of the city as 17th century architecture for visitors. Samsun Honor Monuments and First Step Monument are some other significant structures emphasizing the importance of the history.
Recreation spots; Atakum, Kocadag Recreation Spot, Forest, Kurupelit - Incesu, Cakirlar Grove and Haskoy.

Provinces of Samsun
Alacam, Yakakent, Asarcik, Vezirkopru, Atakum, Ilkadim, Ayvacik, Terme, Bafra, Tekkekoy, Carsamba, Salipazari, Canik, 19 Mayis, Havza, Ladik and Kavak

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