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Sakarya City Guide

Sakarya city an important tourism central location of Marmara Region had began of being settlement in Phrygia Age firstly and continued with Bithynia , Cimmerians, Lydians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans one after another.

Sakarya is a rich in natural resources such as the sea shore and beach that goes to Black Sea Region, lakes, valleys, canyons, forests, hot springs, drinkable spring waters and many other natural resources that makes the city a special location in the region.

Karasu Sea Shore is a natural beach with it's rheumatism healing  sands and clean water. Botagzi is where the Sakarya River meets Black Sea and a must-see spot of the area. Kocaeli Town is one of the most visited town of the area because of having healing sands, natural beaches and for it's easy transportation. On the shore of Sapanca Lake there are some private managed beaches and a public beach as well.

Oil Wrestling (traditional Turkish Sport) has a quite large  substructure and popularity in Sakarya. The oil wrestling were introduced and discovered by international and national media more and more which is another factor of the tourism  presentation in the area. Akyazi - Akbalik oil wrestling and Sapanca - Karakucak oil wrestling festivals takes an important place in this aspect.

Sapanca rowing competition is a great significance of the are having a positive affect on the tourism of the city. Sapanca Lake is the rowing training and camping location of Turkish National Rowing Team.

Ataturk Closed Sport Hall which is also used for concert organizations  has a significant value on improvement of sports activities such as basketball, volleyball, handball, karate, judo, wrestling, pin pon, halter and box.

Sapanca Town strengthen it's significant location in the city by it's rich flora. Daily trips, nature and mountain walking, and picnic recreation spots provides a great alternative of enjoying the city in a natural way.

Places to visit in Sakarya.
Sakarya Museum established between 1910 and 1915 and was visited by Ataturk with his mother for 5 days was restored keeping the original structure in 1983 and opened as a museum for visits. There are 207 pieces in the museum being displayed and 103 of those pieces are belong to Ataturk. The other materials being exhibited in the museum are ethnographic pieces  belong to prehistoric age , Ancient Roma Empire and Byzantine Empire with Ottoman Empire Era. The architectural pieces on the garden of museum within the city border exposing the  gravestones , altars,  cooked cup soil and column bases.

Kuvay-i Milliye /Ali Fuat Cebesoy Museum and the Earthquake museum are some other important museums of the city displaying documents and photographs of 1967 and 1999   earthquake has also an artificial earthquake stand.

Pasalar Castle, Adliye Castle, Harmantepe Castle, Ali Fuat Pasa Bridge, Karincalidede Tomb, Akyazi Tumulus, Elvan Bey Ottoman Hist, Hasan Fehmi Pasa Mosque, Rustem Pasa Mosque, Orhon Gate, Pasalar Castle and Seyh Muslihiddin Mosque are some of the historical structures and masterpieces of the city to visit.

Sakarya is also quite rich in natural spring and thermal resources as being located on a geothermal location. Some of the most highlighted thermals of the city are; Acisu Spa (also referred as bitter water in Turkish Language , and because of the natural environment of the resource and the river streams through the spa makes it an ideal recreation spot.) Kil Hamams Thermal Springs (located between a brook and by the forests.

There is an old thermal resort inside the thermals currently not in use. surroundings of the  foundation is available for camping too). Kuzuluk Thermal Springs (known since Seljuks and is one of the most important spa of the area.), Cokek Spa within the Kuzucuk Town Borders and Iliza Village Soda Water located within the border of Ilica Village and the water of this spring is quite rich in minerals.

Provinces of Sakarya
Adapazari (center), Tarakli, Akyazi, Sogutlu, Ferizli, Sapanca, Geyve, Pamukova, Hendek, Kocaeli, Karapurcek and  Kaynarca.

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