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Rize City Guide

Rize located on the east Black Sea Region does not have a current conclusion of the first settlement in the city, however the scripts on rocks mentions the name of the are in 8th century B.C.  The city is surrounded by Black Sea on north, Trabzon on west, Artvin on east, Erzurum and Bayburt on south.

The city differs with it's culture structures than the other cities in whole country, having historical bridges and castles, valleys with , high hills, plateaus, mountain and the brooks make it a special place for tourism.

The plateau houses having a unique and great architect are usually constructed with wooden or rocks to have adaption with the nature in the area too. Tuzcuoglu Pavilion, Reyhanlilar Pavilion and Sevket Atac House are some of the example of local's unique architectural style which are worth to give a visit.

The architecture of stone bridges in the city is also quite popular and improved. The topography of the area consisting quite high hills and extremely deep valleys created the necessity of the bridges for transportation in the location. Most of those bridges were constructed during Ottoman Empire Era and the storms caused by the changes of climate made the bridges to get repaired often in the past. Senyuva and Minyon Bridges are some of the highlights of these structures.

Ayder Thermal Tourism Center, Ikizdere Ayder Tourism Center, and Cayeli Kuspa Torusim Center are some of the foundations to protect , serve and preserve the natural structure of the area.

Rize being on the top of plateaus tourism of the whole country provides opportunity for nature and mountain walking tours with guides and grass cut up festival. Specifically  Sal, Ayder, Hazindag , Pokut, Asagi and Yukari / Upper and Down Kayron, Anzen (which is famous for it's unique and worldwide famous honey) , Elevit, Ikizdere and Palovit plateaus are some of the paradises of the city with great opportunities for outdoor sports and activities.

The speedy stream waters of Kackar Mountains are quite available for canoe  and rafting sports. Especially Ikizdere River, Iyidere River and Karadere Brook holds international rafting sport shows. Besides those rivers and steam waters there are plenty of brooks in the region. Firtina Brook and Ikizdere Brooks are some of those brooks of the location.

Giving an atmosphere of national park in all aspects is not the only specialty of the are , but the lakes created out of the ice abrading are some other must-see spots of the area. There are 19 of those lakes in the city and some of the biggest lakes are; Ambar lake and Buyuk Deni / Big Sea Lake.

Mountain and nature walking, Cadirli Karavanli / Caravan Accommodation Spot in Kackar Mountains National Park, Horse Riding, Sportive Fishing, Bicycle and Motorcycle riding are some of the  great ways of enjoying the unique beauty of Rize.

Agaran Waterfalls, Bulut Waterfalls, Palovit Waterfalls, and Gelin Tulu Waterfalls are only some of the innumerable corners from paradises of the city.

Places to visit in Rize

Rize Ataturk's House Museum (Mehmet Mataraci Pavilion); It is the house where Ataturk was welcomed for 1 night during his visit to city in 1924. The room he stayed and the furnishings he used are preserved as it is and was opened for visit in 1985 for the first time.

Rize Ethnography Museum (Yellow House); It was first established in in late 19th century, and was restored according to it's originality and opened again in 1998. It is exhibiting 1799 ethnographic and archeological  pieces for the visitors.

Castles; Rize Castle, Zil Castle (it is located in Camlihemsin Town and it's one of the most remarkable castles of the city) , Kiz Castle, and Kale-i Bala (Varos Castle).

Historical mosques; Haci Seyh Mosque, Bilen Village Mosque, Meyveli koy Mosque, Gulbahar Hatun Mosque, Orta Mosque and Iskender Cafer Pasa Mosque. Of these mosques only Iskender Cafer Pasa Mosque is a construction built during Ottoman Empire Age and the rest of them are some of the best examples of wooden architecture in the area.

The water mills almost in all of the towns of Rize are mostly having  a background back to 1st century B.C. and Sehitler Fountain established in 1917 are only some of the other highlights of the city.

Thermal springs and resources; Ikizdere Thermal Spring, Andon Spa, Simsirli Thermal Spa and Cayirli Mineral Water Spring.

Provinces of Rize
Ardesen, Kalkandere, Camlihemsin, Pazar, Cayeli, Iyidere, Derepazari, Ikizdere, Findikli, Hemsin and Guneysu.

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