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Ordu City Guide

Ordu, is a city on the Black Sea Region of Turkey being a settlement ideal place since 15,000 B.C and with a great history root from Hittites to Ottoman Empire Age  was in a stage position for plenty of important historical events in the past.

The city is a natural paradise where the blue and the green meets each other. Because of having the longest sea shore and cleanest sand of the region , it provides a large opportunities for sea tourism.

Some of the activities the area provides to it's visitors are wrestling, horse races, soccer and sportive fishing in Black Sea that holds a great variety of fish types and on stream rivers within the city.

Wild animal and birds hunting along with numerous festivals and activities held in the area are some of the important social values of the city.

Places to visit in Ordu
Museums and historical structures; Pasaoglu Pavilion and Ethnography Museum (The pavilion established in 1986 is one of the most beautiful example of Turkish Civil Architecture. ) , Ispet Pasa Elementary School (1860), and Military branch - citizenship registration office is one of the best model of Stone Architecture.

Historical / ancient settlement areas; cotyora (referred as Bozukkale by locals) is the first settlement place of the area, Kurulkaya Settlement (4th and 5th centuries B.C.), Cingirt Rock Settlement, Arikmusa Settlement is  2000 years old , Yasonburnu Peninsula and Hoynat Island.

Rock Tombs; Buben Rock Tomb, Delikkaya Rock Grave, Kalekoy Castle Rock Cemetery (from Hellenistic Era), Tozkoparan Rock Graveyard, Dikenlice Rock Tomb, Mesudiye Town Stone Cemetery(single and double column graves are worth to give a visit), Kiranyagmur Village Tombs and Sirma Rock Graves(with a great magnitude and are estimated of being belong to Hellenistic Era).

Historical Castles; Unye Castle is 2500 years old. Goller Village Castle (14th century), Meletios / Yastura Castle (estimated as the oldest settlement place of the region), Golkoy Castle (was included in the list of World Antique Heritage List by UNESCO in  1997), Kevgir Castle, Bolaman, Gencaga, Kusnefak Castles, Cubuklu Castle (the view over the castle is breath taking and again this heritage was included in UNESCO's World Antique Heritages in 1997).

Historic Mosques and Hamams (Turkish Baths); Atik Ibrahim Pasa (also referred as Orta is the first mosque established in the city), Aziziye, Hamidiye Mosque (1890 - 1892), Selimiye Mosque, Saray (1816), Haci Osman Aga, Yalikoy, Cayir, Eski Pazar Mosques and Hamams (is being estimated as settled in 1380), Buyuk Hamam, Kucuk Hamam, Eski (Grand) Mosque (was established in 18th century and referred as Laleli), Medreseonu Afirli (is a wood constructed structure and the original architect is amazing), Efirli Mosque and Tombs(the tombs left roughly around 1800's and there are quite aesthetics tombstones), Yali Hamam, Saray Hamam, Eski Hamam (the structure was a church originally and converted to mosque  later) and Cifte Hamam.

Churches; Tasbasi Culture Center (Old Prison - Church was established by the Greeks in 1853 and is being used as culture center since 200), Duz Province Church (was constructed in late 18th century and is being as the stage of 75th years of Turkish Republic by Ordu Municipality at present) , Mesudiye Church (1912), Yason Church (the structure constructed by the Greeks who used to live around is 1st degree Archeological and 2nd degree natural / historical site) and Unye Church (is being used as wedding reception hall).

Fountains and  Bridges; Olaksuyu Fountain (1842), Kirazlimani Fountain (1911), Osmanbey Fountain, Tarihi Fountain, Oluklu Fountain, Kemer Bridge (1890 - 1895) , Kestane Village Bridges(1890 - 1900), Kens Bridge and Sarp Brook Bridge.

Parks and recreation spots; Cingirt Castle, Yoroz City Forest, Gelin Rock, Fatsa Pine Forest, Poskuden Waterfalls, Cakirtepe Park, Kupkaya Canyon, Kursuncal Forests and Waterfalls, Asarkaya Park, Atrocumali Space Observatory, Yason Bay Tourism Center and Yason Church.

Uzunkum Beach in Unye , Mavi Dunya / World Beach and Tent Camp in Gulyali, Caka Sandy Beach and Recreation spots in Persembe, Belicesu and Elifli Beaches again in Persembe town are some of the ideal and popular places of Ordu for it's tourism and visitors.

Provinces of Ordu
Akkus, Unye, Aybasti, Ulubey, Camas, Persembe, Catalpinar, Mesudiye, Caybasi, Kumru, Gulyali, Korgan, Gurgentepe, Kabatas, Ikizce and Kabaduz.

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