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Nigde City Guide

Nigde , located on the south east par of  Central Anatolia has a history that goes back to 600.000 B.C. and it used to be called Nahita in ancient antique ages.
The settlement in the area continues nonstop for over 10,000 years now.

Nigde hold the potentiality of being a center of Turkey with it's great natural beauties, thermal spas ,springs, ancient ruins, various type of winter and mountain tourism and with it's great history over the years.

Ciftehan Thermal Resources, Narlica Thermal Spa and Tourism Center and Kemerhisar Thermal Spring Spa are some of the important natural thermal resources of Nigde.

Places to visit in Nigde

Nigde Museum was the candidate of being Europe's Museum in 2003. There are 6 big halls within the museum where the archeology of Central Anatolia is being displayed as chronologically. Pinarbasi Tumulus, Kosk / Pavilion Mound, tools made out of obsidian found in Kaletepe Obsidian Workshop,  tomb ruins, god and goddess sculptures,vase and the imitation of Kofk Mound House are being displayed in the first room.

Therefore the room number 1 is named as Kosk Mound House. In room number 2 again very interesting items are being displayed for the visitors such as; items belonging to mining experts in Camardi Town, Celaller village and Goltepe Tumulus / Mound, structure of the entrance of the gallery in Kestel Antique Tin Miner materials found in Acemhoyuk, Ulukisla and Darbogaz Towns, and the foundlings of pavilion which was discovered during the  scraping in Acemhoyuk / Purushand Resource.

The steller of fortune and  storm gods from one of the late Hittites kingdoms  "Nahita Kingdom" and Tyana / Tuvanuva Kingdom scripts written in Hittites Hieroglyph, foundlings of Kaynarca Tumulus, ceramics from Phrygia Age and the Lion of Guludag are being displayed in the third room. The 4th room is displaying items and foundlings from Hellenistic, Ancient Rome and Byzantine Empire Age. The 5th room is persevered for displaying Mummy and Coins. The Ethnographic works are being displayed on the last room, room number 6.

Ruins and ancient sites; Gumusler Monastery (which is one of the best  and biggest preserved monastery in Cappadocia Region), Goludag Ruins, Goltepe / Kestel Site Ruins, Porsuk Tumulus Cite Ruins and Tyana Kemerhisar Ruins.

Mosques; Alaeddin Mosque, Sungurbey Mosque, Hanim Mosque, Murat Pasa , Celebi Husamettin / Disari, Kigili and Sir Ali Mosques are only some of the mosques in the city.

Tombs; Hudavent Hatun Tomb, Gundogdu Tomb, Sari Saltuk Tomb, Sirali Tomb, Dortayak and Serefali Tombs.

Ulukisla Okuz Mehmet Pasa Kulliye (an arabic word describing a complex of buildings located around a mosque, that includes hamam, kitchens, clinics, bakers etc.) is one of the top Classical Ottoman Architecture and is being named as Pasa Hani or Kisla or Ulukisla Caravansary in public. This Kulliye was the inspiring resource for famous Turkish Poet Faruk Nafiz Camlibel in his "Han Duvarlari" Poem.

Nigde Castle the exact construction date is unknown and it had damaged reaching to our present days. Ottoman Empire Sadrazam / grand vizier Ishak Pasa has ordered to make a restoration to castle in 1740 and the clock tower constructed on one of the bastion of the castle is considered as the symbolize of Nidge City for it's eye taking beauty.

Aladaglar National Park of Nigde which is currently under protection area is an exactly geomorphology open air museum. It is one of the unique and tectonically active places of whole Turkey and the natural panoramic view is breath taking beautiful in the region.

Kuskaya Graves where the rock tombs found belonging to Ancient Roma , 15 churches constructed in 1500, Roma Pool, Akmedrese, Mumy of Nun found in Ihlara Valley, Kavlaktepe Underground City, 4 Turkish Bath from Ottoman Empire Age are some of the cultural values and some of the monuments and places where most of the visitors and tourist visit during their trips to Nigde .

Provinces of Nigde
City Center, Altunhisar, Ulukisla, Bor, Ciftlik and Camardi

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