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Nevsehir Capadocia City

Nevsehir city located in central Anatolia where the nature and history got united is one of the tourism center of Turkey with the variety of cultures those civilizations used to live in the area left.  The name of the town was Nyssa in earlier times then it used to be called as Muskera or Soandos Nisa was named Nevsehir which mean "New City" during Ottoman Empire Age.

The whole area has a shape of Open-Air Museum with it's great natural beauties, beautiful rock churches , underground cities and with it;s valleys. Beside those beauties that makes the area a hot spot for visitors , Damat Ibrahim Pasa  the grand vizier of Ottoman Empire and the great Turkish thinker Haci  Bektas-i Veli whom used to live in the region are some of the other factors thae makes the area quite popular for tourist.

Goreme Historic National Park currently being under protection has the greatest historical sites and ruins which symbolize the city. World wide famous Fairy Chimneys  shaped out of volcanic tufa and the and the structures where the religious art work of Ancient Roma Era are being exhibited are all in this park. There are also paths around the park for natural and sportive walking tours.

Cavusini, Urgup, Uchisar, Yeni Zelve and Avcilar are the towns where you can still see the historical village structures it used to be  in the same way in past.

Cappadocia (means the land of beautiful horses) provides horse riding tours, camping and caravan tours around the city.

Because of the great tourism potential of Cappadocia Region , the hotel and congress tourism is widely popular in the area therefore there are congress and meeting room and Cappadocia is being host for both international and national congresses and meetings every year.That is also another factor that makes Nevsehir a great tourism center on congress tourism as well.

Walking tours, paragliding, balloon tours, jeep safari and bicycle tours are only some of the alternative tours available for visitors to see the region in a different point of view.

Places to visit in Nevsehir / Cappadocia

Museums and Ruins;
Nevsehir Museum , Goreme Open Air Museum, Pasabagi / Pasabaglari, Zelve Ruins, Cavusin Church, Aciksaray Ruins, Ruins of Saint. Jean. Ozkonak Underground City, Kaymakli Underground City, Derinkuyu Underground City, Mazi Underground Cities, Tatlarin Churches and underground cities,
Urgup Museum displayin archeological and ethnographic materials from prehistoric age to  Ottoman Empire Age,  Haci Bektas Archeology and Ethnography Museum displaying the archeological and ethnographic arts, pieces from Early Bronze Age to Ancient Roma Age , found within the border of Hacibektas Town.

Goreme Open Air Museum; Churches was dig into caves, Chappels, restaurants and sitting rooms in cave houses and is being accepted as the place where the first monastery education system was started. The other structures to visitr within the museum are nuns and priests monasteries, Saint Basil Chapel, Elmali Church, Saint Barbara Chapel, Yilanli  / Saint Onuphrius Church, Karanlik Church, Saint Catherine Church , Carik and Tokali Churches.

Pasabagi / Pasabaglari and Zelve Ruins Sites, Ozluce Underground City, Tagar / Saint Theodore Church, Kirk Sehitler Church, Pancarli Church, Mustafapasa , Nevsehir Castle, Uchisar Castle, Orthisar, Kursunlu Mosque contains the tomb of Damat Ibrahim Hamam and complex, Beylik Pavilion and Sarihan / Avanos are some of the important highlights of Cappadocia gets visited by numerous tourists all year around.

Kozakli Thermal Tourism Center, Urgup Spring and Spas, Bahceli Spring, Corak and Karakaya Thermal Spas and Gumuskent Thermal spring spa are the thermal resources of Cappadocia Region.

Provinces of Nevsehir
Acigol, Urgup, Avanos, Kozakli, Derinkuyu, Hacibektas and Gulsehir

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