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Mus City Guide

Mus City which was settled on the upper Murat - Van Region of Eastern Anatolia between Korni Brook and and Car Brook has a great history root that goes back to Urartu Kingdom.

Although having a great potential for winter and nature sports it does not really have enough infrastructure to support the tourism potentiality of the area, however the work to support to the tourism potentiality of this area is on the process at time being.

Traditional Houses of Mus are usually consist of the 2 flat building rising behind the front yard of the places. Because of the shape of the streets and the settlement style give an outlook of a traditional typical Turkish City , and it takes a shape within the frame of the necessities of the geographical situation and the climate conditions. The walls made out of Straws, Lime and Hair of Goat, roofs made out of mud, soils creating those houses were defeated by the technology nowadays. It is possible to see some of those houses in city center which are on the edge of being destroyed.

Viticulture was one of the important incoming factor of the city between 1800 and 1900, however only Mongok , Mehmetcan and Incebel vineyards are actively being used at the moment.

The famous tulips of Mus were mostly produced on the 7th century and decorated the gardens of  Ottoman Empire's pavilions. Those tulips having a unique shape of it's own which makes it quite valuable got less and less by the other agriculture that spread all over the area and the  wrong  way of the harvesting put the tulips of this area in a danger of getting destroyed over the time therefore it is under the protection area. The festival being held between  the dates of 29 and 30 April has a great importance of representing this tulip value of the location.

Kitchen of Mus provides a great variety especially with it's meat dishes. Mus Meatballs (Hafta Diregi), Hez Stuffed Peppers, Cabbage stuffed with Tomatoes(Kirkcikli Kelem Dolma), Corti and Keskek are only some of the  special tasty dishes pf the area.

Places to visit in Mus

Mosques; Grand Mosque, Alaaddin Bey / Pasa Mosque and Haci Seref Mosque.

Churches and Monasteries; Arak Monastery, Cengilli / Beyaz Church (was first used as a temple of fire in the first ages and was turned into a church by Sasanian / Sassanid in 399 A.C.), Church of Virgin Mary, Sirong Church, Red / Kirmizi Church, Church of Verk and Istefan Church.

Tombs; Kesik Bas, Seyh Halil, Ibrahim Zamidi / Zemzemi, Seyh Mustafa, Seyh Ibrahim Hazretleri, Seyh Muhammed-i Magribi, Abdulvahap Gazi Tomb, Catbasi Marty ,Üstad-ı Azam Şeyh Molla Resuli Sipik, Seyh Molla Ibrahim Efendi Tomb and Seyyid Ahmed / Haci Gal Hazretleri Tombs.

Hamams / Turkish Baths; Alaaddin Bey Hamam and Gullu Hamam.

Castles; Castle of Mus, Hasbet Castle, Muset Castle, Bostankale Castle, Malazgirt Church, Tikizli Castle, Katerin / Zincirli Castle.

Tumulus / Mound; Yagcilar / Evran Tumulus, Dolabas Mound, Bostankale Mound, Mercimekkale Tumulus and Kepenek Mound.

Historical Bridges; Murat River Bridge is a construction of Seljuk Empire and the middle column is damaged at the time being, Hatun Bridge is one of the rare structure from Seljuk Empire that still has it's own shape and Kiz Bridge.

Amongst those architectural and archeological ruins of Mus some of these structures comes important for the visitors such as Aradere Village Tomb, Malazgirt Yenikoy / Alyar Rock Tombs and Varto Kayalidere  Site Ruins.

Provinces of Mus
Bulanik, Malazgirt, Haskoy, Varto and Korkurt

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