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Malatya City Guide

Malatya, being a stage for settlements of numerous  civilizations through out the history since Neolithic Age and is located on the upper basin of Firat River. Providing a great assistance for growing and improving civilizations with it's rich natural water springs and resources, being on a location of Ancient Silk Road and King Road, and being the homeland and settlement place of first progressive civilizations and it's geographical location on between Mesopotamia and  Central Anatolia keeps Malatya in an important geological  position at all times.

The tourism potential in the area is in it's utmost position with it's dynamic flowing economy, world wide famous apricot, thousand years of history and with it's historical artifacts, unique and splendid natural beauties and with it's road opening to every direction of Turkey.

Some other components that takes the attraction of visitors and tourists to area are; Aslantepe Mound / Tumulus which was the settlement place of Hittites during 1900 and 2000 B.C. The connection to Mount Nemrut  where tombs , graves and temples belonging to Commagene Kingdom located 100 kilometers away from Malatya City are only some of the important highlights and visiting spots of the city taking thousands of visitors every year around.

Karakaya Dam Lake, Sultansuyu and Levent Valleys are some of the places waiting to be discovered with it's great natural beauties and resources. Nature walking take places and popularity withing Mount Nemrut and in this area.Some of the activities in the area are ground hunting, professional and sportive fishing with wind surfing especially performed in Karakaya Dam Lake, besides these it is also possible to have a mountain walking and horse riding in Sultansuyu Stud Farm.

The indispensable component of Malatya's Festivals and activities, Jereed / Cirit a Turkish Equestrian Traditional Sport Game is only one of the traditional cultural activities of the area  taking attraction of both local and international tourist's interest every year.

Another important activities of the area that supports congress tourism of the city  is "Battalgazi Malatya and Around Public Culture Symposium" held between 22.Nd and 24.Th  October

Malatya Fair and International Culture and Apricot Festival is held during 12. and 16. July of every year in city center and it is one of the most important values of the city which represents Malatya.

Places to visit in Malatya

Museum of Malatya was opened for visit in 1979 and restored into a modernized structure in 2001.The museum has a rich structures that is displaying roughly 15,000  pieces totally starting from neolithic age, Paleolithic age, Bronze Age, Hittites, Urartus, Ancient Roma, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottoman Era.   

Ataturk's House is an Ottoman Empire architect that was the host for Ataturk when he arrived Malatya at first.

Antique Malatya City Walls (Castle), Old Arapgir Castle, Dogansehir Castle, Yusuf Ziya Pasa Mosque, Grand Mosque, Carsi Mosque, Melik Sunullah Mosque, Arapgir Ulu Camii Mosque, Somuncu Baba  Mosques, Emir Omer Tomb, Molla Eyup Mescid, Siddi Zeynet, Kanli , Silahtar Mustafa Pasa Caravansaries, Tashoron Church, Venk Church, Bedestan and Tashan are some of the historical and important places to visit in Malatya City.

Aslantepe, Firincilar Tumulus, Bayramtepe Mound, Oren Mound, Ikinciler Tumulus, Aslantas, Kagkoy Rock Drawings, Ansur and Kaletepe Tumulus are some geologic ruins for sightseeing travel in Malatya.

Recreation Sports; Gunpinar Valley and Waterfall, Orduzu Pinarbasi Sprin g, Davullu Spring, Horata, Inek, Sulu Cave, Gunduzbey, Surgu Takas, Somuncu Baba and it's surroundings are open for recreation and outdoor activities in the town.

Ispendere Natural Spring, Harap Sehir Spring and Balaban Spring are some natural healing places of the area.

Provinces of Malatya
Akcadar, Puturge, Arguvan, Yazihan, Arapgir, Kale, Battalgazi, Doganyol, Derende, Hekimhan, Dogansehir and Yesilyurt.

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