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Kirikkale City Guide

Kirikkale is a central Anatolia city located 80 kilometers away from capital Ankara city on the east, in the shore of red river Turkey. It has a rich historical background and culture as being an intersection in the area. The city has a great important potential for tourism.

There are chemical institutions and industries manufacturing  in this fast growing and improving city on the way of being an industrial center of Turkey. The economy of the city is mainly based on steel manufacturing.

The are and surrendering around is the first settlement place of Turkish Islamic. Oghuz Turks one of the nomadic tribes who had immigrated from east to middle Asia during 16.Th and 17.Th  centuries had settled in this area, Kirikkale.

There are plenty of interesting and popular activities and festivals in the city such as, Karakecili International Culture Festivals being held during 15.Th and 17.Th of September and Baliseyh Turkmen Festival being held on September are some of the main and popular activities of the city.

There are available racecourses and spots for  nature and mountain walking in Kure Mountains, Red Rive (Kizilirmak) Valley, Pehlivanli Yesilkaya Plato, Gumuspinar, Kocu, Sarikaya, Dernek, Bedesten and Hodar Plateaus.  Beside those hot spots there are also some available places for sportive fishing line in Kizilirmak / Red River Valley and Kapulukaya Dam Lake.

Places to visit in Kirikkale

Weapon Industry Museum is displaying 299 pieces since 14.Th century to our present days. Most of these pieces are gathered from Black Sea People after World War II. and rest of them are from the pieces have been sent to area from Tophane.

Kozlu Area Antique City; The antique city from Ancient Roma Era is  locatd 7 kilometers away from Sulakyurt Town.

Ceritkaya Rock Tombs; Those tombs left over from Iron Age are located 10 kilometers away from Keskin Town.

Hasandede Mosque and Tomb is 12 kilometers away from the city center.

Seyh Samil Mosque and Tomb; The work constructed in 15.Th century is in Sulakyurt Town city center.

Balli Mosque and Tomb; The structure is still unknown by whom was constructed was established in 12. century and is in the city center of Baliseyh Town.

Kocubaba Mosque and Tomb is from 15.Th century.

Haydar Sultan Mosque and Tomb; There is a well called as Deliler (Crazy) well and 2 inscriptions in this place.

Cesnigir Bridge is the historical bridge constructed over Kizilirmak (Red River).

Sulu Cave is a half natural cave with a distance of 285 meter and it is located in Keskin Town.

Provinces of Kirikkale
Yahsihan, Bahsili, Sulakyurt, Baliseyh, Keskin, Celebi, Karakecili and Delice.

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