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Kars City

Kars on the furthest east side of Turkey located in Eastern Turkey or East Anatolia this city has a great high tourism potential in the area.

From the era of Saka Scythian to our present days , history of the city reaches back to 9000 B.C. and have hosted numerous civilizations through out the history made the area quite rich in culture and arts.

The area in it's background history had mission of being a gate to Anatolia and therefore it has been an important strategical , settlement and a cultural center from Caucasus to Anatolia.

Kars on the other hand is a very important tourism center. Sarikamis Ski Center surrounded by rich quality forests around, is hosting it's visitors and ski lovers with it's winter sports.

The carpet weaving and original design kilims is quite famous among the  city's handcraft and arts.

Traditional folklore dance and traditional dance is quite popular and famous in the area. Besides Kars is also famous for folk literature and quite rich in this aspect. This is the area where book of Dede Korkut was born and spread all over the country.

Places to visit in Kars

Kars Museum; The museum has the status of area museum has quite rich materials such as stone artifacts, archeological and ethnographic works are being displayed in this museum.

Castle of Kars; The history of the castle goes back to 10.Th century which had been restored quite a few times, It has 3 main gates on it's outdoor walls Gate of Sukapisi or Ceribasi , Kagizman and Berham Gates.

Ani Ruins; The area located on the west cost of Arpa River and on the historical  Ancient Silk Road 42 km way from the city center is a Middle Ages antique city. The archeological dig works going on in this antique city since 1989, and this work had shown and found out plenty of materials from Sassanian Empire Era and Ottoman Empires and many other civilizations.

Taskopru (Stone Bridge) was constructed by III. Murat in 1579.

City Walls; The walls firstly was established in 972 and had some additional parts afterward. The Dragon Tower was used as a hospitals by Seljuq Dynasty and is one of oldest hospital building in Anatolia.

Kumbet Mosque (Disciples Church); The building was first established as a church for 12 disciples in 932 - 937 and was turned into a mosque in 1579. It is an important historical artifacts which was also used as a museum for a short while in past.

Grand Cathedral; The Architect of this structure is the architect  Tridat who repaired Saint Sophia Museum. The building was constructed in 989 and completed in 1010.

Ebu Menucehr Mosque;  The mosque was constructed in 1072 and it was the first Turkish Mosque of Anatolia.

Seljuks Dynasty Caravansary; This caravansary was established by Seljuqs Dynasty in the beginning of 12.Th century and is located in Ani Ruins.

Inkaya Micinkirt Castle; The castle was established by Saltuklu in 13.Th century has settlement areas around it from the time of Urartu .

Micingirt Tomb is a Seljuqs works from 14.Th century.

Surgutus - Zivin Castle; It's being considered as it was established by Urartu Dynasty for the first, and it's located on the east of Zivin Village.

Palaces; Seljuk Palace, and Beylerbeyi Palace.

Hamams and Baths; Ilbeyoglu Hamam, Mazlumaga Hamam.

Gazi Ahmet Muhat Pasa Pavilion; The building with the architecture of Ottoman Style from 19.Th century is located in Ortakoy District.

Sarikamis Ski Center; The winter sports center located in Camurlu Mountain Cibiltepe, has quite nice racecourses, high snow quality  and has quite nice natural beauties.

Kurbanaga Caves; The caves located in the area where Camuslu Village's Stone writings and pictures were also found has some wall paintings and materials as old as from 10,000 B.C.

Cildir Lake the lake is located 1 hour away from city center is a sweet water lake.

Thermals and Spas; Selim Dolbentli Village Spa, Akyaka Thermal spa, Kagizman Thermal Spa and Susuz Thermal Spas.

Kars Provinces.
Selim, Akkaya, Sarikamis, Arpacay, Kagizman, Susuz and Digor.

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