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Kahramanmaras City

Kahramanmaras, located in East Mediterranean , on the foot of Taurus Mountains 78 km away from Gaziantep city on the north. The city was known as Markasi or  Maraj in ancient period of time and was the capital of Hittites state of Gurgum in the twelve century B.C and was named as Germanicia by the Romans in the first century A.C. Otoomans then changed it's name to Maras afterward. It's present name was given after the heroism fight it give during the Independence War of Turkey. At present it's the 11.Th biggest city of Turkey based on area square meters.

The archeological museum inside the castle displays the sculptures from Hittites Era and other art of works from different times. The other important works are Ulu / Grand Mosque constructed in Ottoman Style Architecture  that has a history of  up to  15. century, Rock Madrassah, Hatuniye and Haznedarli Mosques.

Special Maras Ice Cream made out of goat's milk  a speciality of the area , Sahlep / Salep, and orchids growing on the mountains those surrounds the city are quite famous and popular. Traditional Hand made arts being used in the area is  wood carving, rice and copper material works, gilded silver thread and silver are quite some popular in the area.

The city attract attention with it's natural beauties preserves plenty of available areas for many nature sports and nature activities. Camici Orenderesi, Yazikoy and Binboga Forest Area in Afsin Town, Yavsan Plato, Aysepinar Karbasan, Turkmenler Hacinioglu, Ilica Sucati Bulutoglu, Engizek Hill, Bertiz, Karagol and Baskonus Plateaus  are available for natural photographing, trekking, mountain walking, camping and caravan tourism, Sir and Menzelet  Dam Lakes are available for sportive fishing.

Places to visit in Kahramanmaras
Kahramanmaras Museum has quite a few rich historical artifacts

Karahoyuk within the borders of Elbistan.

Yassi / Even Mound in village of Tanir, located around Tanir Village of Afsin Town , it has dikes from Roman Age, water ways and  walls.

Kasanli Village Embossed The stone embossed is an example of Byzantines Time and is located 3 km away Afsin Town.

Pazarcik Ruins contains old style houses, tomb / grave chapels and some water cistern  in Turuncu Village.

Ufacikli Village Ruins; contains artifacts from early Byzantines and late Romans is located 20 km away from Elbistan.

Kahramanmaras Castle located in the city centre is  being estimated of belonging to first century B.C.

Hurman Castle is located around Marabiz Village Hurman Creek.

Other Historical Castles; Kiz Castle, Gaben Meryemcil Castle, Hastirin, Azgit , Anacik and Babikli Castles;

Eshab-i Keyf (Seven Sleepers) Mosque; this artifact belonging to 13.Th century is located 8 km away from Afsin on west.

Historical Mosques; Iklime Hatun, Haznadarli / Durakli, Elbistan Grand Mosque, Himmet Baba Mosque and Tomb,  Hatuniye, and Afsin Grand Mosques.

Ceyhan Bridge; the work opus belong to 14. and 16. century is constructed on Ceyhan River , on the highway of Kahramanmaras  - Goksu.

Thermals and spas; Zeytun spa spring, Goksun Buyuk Kizilciz Thermal, Ekinozu Thermal spa.

Caves; Dongel Cave, Bulut Deligi Cave.

Provinces of Kahramanmaras.
Pazarcik, Afsin, Turkoglu, Andiran, Nurhak, Caglayancerit, Goksun Ekinozu and Elbistan.

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